Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Corsair unveils Vengeance gaming headsets

We had previously reported that Corsair had unveiled new gaming keyboards and mice, and not content with just those peripherals, Corsair has also announced their new set of gaming headsets, which we think ought to compliment their Vengeance keyboards and mice, and with three to choose from – Vengeance 1500, Vengeance 1300 and Vengeance 1100 – there should be something there for everybody.

The Vengeance 1500 and 1300 are the two top end models that Corsair is offering gamers. The difference between either model is that the 1500 offers support for 7.1 and 5.1 Dolby Headphone positional audio. Other than that both feature 50mm drivers and closed back earpads. Another difference is that the Vengeance 1500 connects via USB while the 1300 connects via the regular two-3.5mm jack configuration.

The Vengeance 1100 is simpler in nature and comes with 40mm drivers and a noise canceling cardioid microphone. It will also come with both USB and 3.5mm analog connectors.

The Vengeance 1500 will be priced at $99, the Vengeance 1300 at $79 and the Vengeance 1100 at $39, and similar to the Vengeance series of keyboards and mice, the headsets are expected to be made available come October 2011.

Sony PlayStation Vita battery life: as little as three hours on a charge

We've had plenty of QT with the Vita on the floor at TGS, but battery life is hard to judge when you can't take the device away with you. Back at our earlier hands-on in June we were told that longevity should be on a par with first-gen PSPs, which were all rated at 4-6 hours and - with the PSP-1000 - achieved around 3.5-5.5 hours in real-world tests. Now though, Sony says the Vita has just enough juice for 3-5 hours' gaming. We need to play this thing to death before we can be sure, but this does sound like a potential 15-25% drop in minimum play time. Do we care at this point? Not particularly. We're too busy salivating over this.

Square Enix to bring Chrono Trigger onto iOS and Android

If you're into classic games like Street Fighter II, you will be pleased to know that Square Enix has announced their plans to bring over their classic RPG, Chrono Trigger, onto both iOS and Android devices.

The port has been talked about ever since December of last year, but it looks like the wishes of gamers everywhere has come true. It appears to be keeping true to the original game, with different endings being unlocked depending on the time you face-off against the end boss.

Unfortunately there was no mention of how much it will cost on either platform or when exactly they will be made available. In additional news, it appears that Square Enix will be launching their very own Android Marketplace on Japan's NTT DoCoMo, NDDI and Softbank, which will provide Android users in Japan access to a variety of Square Enix's titles such as Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, Chaos Rings, Chaos Rings Omega, and Crystal Defenders.

Portal available for free until September 20th

If you've been playing video games for at least the past few years, I'm pretty sure you would have heard of Portal, the highly-acclaimed puzzle game that was released way back in 2007. Well, just like its recent give away of Team Fortress 2 that happened a few months ago, Valve has decided to give Portal away for free. But unlike TF2 which Valve made free to play permanently, this giveaway will only last until September 20th.

This give away is in conjunction with its learnwithportals.com website where it attempts to boost kids' interests in physics, math, logic among other things. Sure, Portal might be more entertaining than Physics or Advanced Math in school, but that doesn't make it any less challenging to complete. While most of you probably own this game already, for those of you who don't, this is one sweet freebie that you shouldn't pass up on. Head over to learnwithportals.com for more details.

Sony PlayStation Vita debuts in Japan on December 17th, partnering with NTT DoCoMo for 3G

Sony's just announced in SCEJ press conference, Tokyo that the PlayStation Vita will debut in Japan on December 17th, and it'll partner with NTT DoCoMo for the console's prepaid 3G service in Japan. Customers will have two choices of connection here: 980 yen ($13) for 20 hours, and 4,980 yen ($65) for 100 hours. The first 500 units sold will come with 100 hours of prepaid 3G connectivity. Pre-orders open on October 15th. Alas, the rest of the world will still have to wait until 2012.

Capcom's Yoshinori Ono was on stage and mentioned that Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 would launch simultaneously with the console. Square Enix also announced that the PS2′s Final Fantasy X will be remastered for the PS Vita, and it'll be in PS3-like quality; sadly, there was neither date nor demonstration.

Splitfish FragFX Shark 360 starts shipping for your first-person shooting pleasure

What better way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Halo than the release of a new way to first-person shoot people on the Xbox 360? Splitfish today announced that its FragFX Shark mouse / analog stick hybrid controller device thingie is finally hitting the Microsoft console. The peripheral offers in-controller setup, customizable precision and should give you around 50 hours of play time on two AA batteries. The $80 device uses 2.4GHz wireless, but, as outlined before, requires a wired controller to get in on the action.

New PSN Terms of Service Forbids Class Action Lawsuits

Sony Computer Entertainment today issued changes to the PlayStation Network's Terms of Service that seek to limit member participation in legal action against the company. These new terms are likely a direct result of the class action lawsuits brought against the company in the wake of the PlayStation Network hack that occurred in April, 2011; they require that members agree to settle legal disputes with the company via single party lawsuit only, and not as part of any class action:


The updated terms of service also contain acknowledgment by Sony that the requirement to foreswear participation in any class action suit filed after August 20, 2011 may not have a legal basis:

If any clause within this Section 15 (other than the Class Action Waiver clause above) is found to be illegal or unenforceable, that clause will be severed from this Section 15, and the remainder of this Section 15 will be given full force and effect.  If the Class Action

Waiver clause is found to be illegal or unenforceable, this entire Section 15 will be unenforceable, and the Dispute will be decided by a court and you and the Sony Entity you have a dispute with each agree to waive in that instance, to the fullest extent allowed by law, any trial by jury.

The new agreement is presented to all users when they login to the PlayStation Store. Members who decline to accept these changes will be removed from PSN membership and any relevant fees refunded. Members who do agree to the new terms will have 30 days to rescind their agreement to them. For a full understanding of these changes, the new terms of service have been posted in full onSony's official site.

PlayStation suite SDK arriving in November

The PlayStation Suite SDK will allow developers to create one game across numerous Android-powered and Sony devices. Thursday Sony Computer Entertainment said that a software development kit (SDK) for the PlayStation Suite (PS Suite) platform will be released this November. The kit will allow developers to create content for PlayStation Certified (PS Certified) devices, hardware certified through the PS Suite license program, and for the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) handheld console set for a Q1 2012 release.

“Supporting C# as the programming language, PS Suite SDK can run programs developed in C# on virtual machine equipped on both PS Certified devices and PS Vita. By supporting development for multiple devices and by adopting libraries to create a variety of content not only limited to games, PS Suite SDK will not only help developers save their cost in creating new content but also allow them to efficiently create their content on one SDK and without having to create on several different SDKs.”

So far the only devices that support Sony's PlayStation Suite platform are the Xperia PLAY smartphone, and Sony's two Android-powered “S” and “P” tablets. However, Nvidia has stated that it's working with Sony to bring the PlayStation platform to Tegra-equipped Android phones and tablets. So far an actual release date is unknown, but Tegra device owners may actually see a release next month.

“SCE will provide a variety of content towards these PS Certified devices from end October through PlayStation Store on PlaySation Network, starting with original PlayStation games (PS one classics),” the company said. “‘ The service will start in nine countries including Japan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Australia and with more countries to follow. In next spring, SCE will enhance the PS Store for PS Certified devices and provide content created by PS Suite SDK, further prevailing the world of PS Suite.”

The detailed information of Sony's PS Suite SDK, including how to download, will be announced via a dedicated PS Suite section on SCE's official website. The site currently isn't live, so stay tuned.

Tokyo Game Show 2011 wrap-up

All good things must come to an end, and likewise with this year's Tokyo Game Show which wrapped up yesterday. Despite the PS Vita's dominance and the lack of newly-announced hero hardware at the show, we were still able to keep ourselves entertained with the odd peripherals here and there, alongside some very interesting exhibits both at TGS and the Amusement Machine Show next door - head past the break to humor yourselves. Alternatively, feel free to catch up on our TGS coverage while you're here (we have a list after the break as well), and don't forget to check out our awesome buddies over at Joystiq for even more gaming news.
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  • Nintendo 3DS to add 3D video capture, upgraded eShop and more
  • Nintendo 3DS slide pad add-on is official, ships December 10th in Japan
  • We're live from the Tokyo Game Show 2011!
  • Sony PlayStation Vita debuts in Japan on December 17th, partnering with NTT DoCoMo for 3G
  • Sony announces bucketload of PlayStation Vita launch games, teases PSP downloads for UMD lovers
  • Sony shows off PlayStation Vita's initial setup process and user interface (video)
  • Nintendo 3DS extended slide pad add-on, first hands-on
  • PlayStation Suite SDK beta coming in November, offering new games in spring 2012
  • PlayStation Vita's slick augmented reality demoed in Reality Fighters, we go hands-on (video)
  • PlayStation Vita's Torne app pulls in live TV streams served up from a PS3
  • Razer unveils arcade fightstick prototype at TGS, looks to gaming community to hammer out the details
  • Visualized: PS Vita in eight unlikely colors, mockup game cards chill on the sidelines
  • Sony PlayStation Vita battery life: as little as three hours on a charge
  • ViviTouch haptic technology hands-on: electroactive polymer giving a 'high definition feel'

Star Wars: The Old Republic is gay-friendly

Stephen Reid, BioWare's senior online community manager for Star Wars: The Old Republic, recently stated that “same gender romances with companion characters” will be added after the MMOG launches at the end of the year.

That's a seemingly 180-degree turn after the MMO's producer Cory Butler previously confirmed that the relationships will not be available to players. Even community manager Sean Dahlberg saidthat the terms “gay” and “lesbian” do not exist in the Star Wars universe. “As I have stated before, these are terms that do not exist in Star Wars. Thread closed,” Dahlberg stated.

But according to Reid, same gender romances with companion characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic will be a post-launch feature.

“Due to the design constraints of a fully voiced MMO of this scale and size, many choices had to be made as to the launch and post-launch feature set,” he said on the official SW:TOR forum. “Because The Old Republic is an MMO, the game will live on through content expansions which allow us to include content and features that could not be included at launch, including the addition of more companion characters who will have additional romance options.”

BioWare is still shooting to get the Star Wars MMO out the door by the end of the year, but there's talk that the game won't be done until early 2012. Electronic Arts CFO Eric Brown made this revelation at this year's Citi Tech Conference, echoing familiar words that PC gamers have grown accustomed to hearing since the early days of id Software's Quake: we're not done until it's done.

“We have a date set internally [for calendar Q4], with a lot of assumptions around it,” he said. “We're not done until we're done. ... We're not going to know with enough certainty to publicly announce a release date.”

Dance Central Receives New Songs From Pussycat Dolls, Rupee, And Timbaland

Harmonix is ready to launch three new songs for Dance Central on September 20th, 2011. You will be able to purchase “Don't Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls (featuring Busta Rhymes), “Tempted to Touch” by Rupee, and “The Way I Are” by Timbaland (featuring Keri Hilson and D.O.E.) via the in-game store and on Xbox LIVE. Each song will be available for $2.99, or 240 Microsoft Points. [Dance Central Blog]

Friday, August 12, 2011

GameFly to launch 'Unlimited PC Play' download service, offer less incentive to leave the house

GameFly hasn't wasted any time jumping into the digital download waters after acquiring IGN's Direct2Drive platform a little over two months ago. Set to launch September 8th in beta form, its new "Unlimited PC Play" service will offer subscribers access to 100-plus downloadable PC and Mac titles, with hundreds more expected in time for the official end of year launch. Fans of the video game rental outfit's snail mail subscription service don't have to worry about a shift to digital only, as the company has no plans to abandon its "unique combination of console and digital PC game offerings." Interested in getting an early peek at the new platform? If you live in the Los Angeles area, you can look forward to a planned beta launch party next month, where access codes for the new, invite-only service will be distributed. The rest of you PC gaming warriors will just have to settle for a sign-up page at the source.
source: Engadget

Flame red Nintendo 3DS landing September 9th for $169.99

Nintendo announced Wednesday that it will launch a “flame red” version of its Nintendo 3DS on September 9th. The portable gaming system will launch in tandem with the new Star Fox 64 3D game and will be available for the new $169.99 price, which goes into effect on August 12th. "With major upcoming releases in the Star Fox, Pokémon and Mario series, in addition to downloadable offerings from Nintendo eShop, Nintendo Video and Netflix, the system offers new and fun experiences to owners on a daily basis,” Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said. Nintendo has sold 830,000 3DS units in the U.S. since its March 27th launch. Super Mario Land 3D is expected to hit store shelves in November and Mario Kart 7 will be available in December. Read on for the full press release.

ADDING MULTIMEDIA Nintendo Gets Fired up for the Holidays with New Flame Red Nintendo 3DS

New Color, New Price and Great Games Make Nintendo 3DS a Must-Have

REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nintendo is making sure the holidays are hot this year with a new Flame Red version of its portable Nintendo 3DS™ system. The new color launches Sept. 9 alongside the new Star Fox 64™ 3D game, and comes on the heels of a new $169.99 suggested retail price, which goes into effect Aug. 12 in the United States. Flame Red joins Cosmo Black and Aqua Blue, so now shoppers have three distinct and fashionable colors to choose from.

"With a solid back-half game lineup, the Nintendo 3DS price drop is well timed to drive consumer interest and purchases through the holiday season."

"Nintendo 3DS is poised to be on fire for the holidays, with its new suggested retail price, great games and our new Flame Red color," said Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. "With major upcoming releases in the Star Fox, Pokémon and Mario series, in addition to downloadable offerings from Nintendo eShop, Nintendo Video and Netflix, the system offers new and fun experiences to owners on a daily basis."

On the software side, third-party developers have lined up to deliver great new experiences that make use of the unique features of Nintendo 3DS.

"Nintendo 3DS is an amazing piece of technology that offers players incredible 3D games without the need for special glasses. Beyond that, it's an affordable dedicated gaming machine. Simply put, Nintendo 3DS is a fabulous device," said Laurent Detoc, President, North America, Ubisoft. "Ubisoft has been a big supporter of Nintendo 3DS since the beginning with eight Nintendo 3DS games released to date and another eight games coming out before the end of calendar year 2011."

Retailers are also anticipating a strong showing from Nintendo 3DS this holiday season.

"The new, lower Nintendo 3DS price combined with a hot new color and big-name games will entice even more Target guests to get their hands on this first-of-its-kind 3D gaming experience," said Nik Nayar, vice president of Merchandising, Target.

"GameStop customers were excited about the Nintendo 3DS launch, and this lower price point should spark additional demand," said GameStop President Tony Bartel. "With a solid back-half game lineup, the Nintendo 3DS price drop is well timed to drive consumer interest and purchases through the holiday season."

Nintendo is planning the release of two upcoming games starring its famous hero, Mario™, this holiday season. Super Mario™ 3D Land will launch in November, while Mario Kart™ 7 becomes available in December. Super Mario 3D Land is a new platforming game that takes full advantage of 3D graphics to deliver new puzzles, more precise jumping action and a remarkable new visual perspective on the Mushroom Kingdom. The game also marks the return of Mario's fan-favorite Tanooki Suit, which allows him to strike enemies with his tail and slowly descend after jumping. Mario Kart 7 is a new racing game that includes multiple characters from the Mushroom Kingdom, Kart customization and intense multiplayer action. Players can now race on land, sea and air, sail through the sky with the new hang glider feature and drive underwater in some stages. Both games are completely new and are designed specifically for the Nintendo 3DS system.

Since Nintendo 3DS launched in the United States on March 27, more than 830,000 units have been sold in the U.S. alone. Nintendo 3DS owners represent some of Nintendo's most loyal customers, and Nintendo is rewarding them for getting in on the action early with 20 free downloadable games from the Nintendo eShop.
source: Boy Genius Report

Assassin's Creed Revelation Beta arrives on PlayStation Plus this September 3rd

Looking forward to Assassin's Creed Revelation? The beta will hit PlayStation Plus later this September 3rd, so you can start saving up your drool for that particular date. In the mean time, you might want to keep yourself occupied by playing the first Assassin's Creed just to relive all those moments and hone your killer instinct.

Just what can you expect from the beta? Here is a quick rundown, and bear in mind that this is far from a comprehensive list. There are nine characters in total which are available in the beta, and all of them are unlocked right from the get go so you need not worry about fighting your way through levels before your hard work is rewarded.

Most of them share the same overall behavior, but it is nice to see the developer put in some extra work to make sure their animation sequence is unique to the character, while their set of abilities are customizable. Among the characters you can choose from include The Sentinel, The Vanguard, The Guardian, The Vizier, The Thespian, The Deacon, The Bombardier, The Trickster and The Champion.

As with the characters, three maps are available from the get go, fully unlocked for you to enjoy. You can immerse yourself in a quartet of modes – with two of them being returning favorites from Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, while another two are totally new modes that were specially conjured after listening to player feedback. We're talking about Wanted, Manhunt, Deathmatch, and Artifact Assault, where the latter two are new.
source: Ubergizmo

Sifteo Cubes up for pre-order tonight, gaming gets tangibly-cute this September

Want a game for the tabletop with on-screen pop, and a sprinkle of adorable? Sifteo is officially set to get your gears going when its interactive Cubes, up for pre-order by the end of today, ship out in September. If you'll recall, the MIT-rooted project uses blocks equipped with 1.5-inch displays to create a variety of gaming environments mixing touch, motion and on-display content. Also announced is a bundled "Creativity Kit," which enables you to make your own games on the fly. It was was briefly available to early adopters in January for $99.99, and now $149.99 gets everyone in on some good times. You'll receive a triplet of the oh-so-cute Cubes, a charging hub and a 2.4 Ghz wireless USB adapter for connectivity, as well as transferring Sifteo store apps purchased on your computer. Interest piqued? You'll find details in the PR just past the break -- unless you're a square, that is.

Press Release:

Sifteo Cubes Enable Truly Hands-On Interactions to Promote Creative Play and Foster Development of Key Thinking Skills for Inquisitive Kids and Imaginative Adults

San Francisco, August 11th, 2011 – Sifteo Inc today announced the upcoming general availability of its Sifteo cubes to U.S. and Canadian customers. Sifteo cubes are motion-aware 1.5-inch blocks with full-color screens that wirelessly connect with a personal computer during play to create unique interactions when shaken, tilted, rotated and neighbored next to one another. With Sifteo cubes, the company is pioneering the concept of Intelligent Play™, an evolution of entertainment and learning that combines familiar physical interactions, innovative technology and engaging titles, opening the door to new fun and social play experiences.

Sifteo has also announced the availability of the Sifteo Creativity Kit™, which is included with the purchase of every Sifteo Pack. The Sifteo Creativity Kit enables Sifteo users to customize an endless array of gameplay experiences for themselves and others using their Sifteo cubes. The Sifteo Creativity Kit lets users easily create a range of mini-games tailored to their unique interests, from learning foreign languages and ordering chemical elements by atomic weight, to word play games and number puzzles.

"Sifteo cubes are the first platform to deliver truly hands-on play, combining the latest in embedded computing and sensing technology with a timeless play style," said co-founder and CEO Jeevan Kalanithi. "We were inspired by great classic games such as Sudoku, Tetris and dominoes when we set out to create the next generation of enriching, innovative and fun games for everyone."

The highly anticipated Sifteo cubes were first previewed in prototype form at the TED Conference in February 2009 (https://sifteo.com/ted_2009) by David Merrill, Sifteo co-founder and President. After debuting the product at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company launched an Early Access program last January, resulting in several design awards and critical praise from enthusiasts and influencers alike. The company has since improved the gameplay experience, developed the Sifteo Creativity Kit, and forged partnerships with leading game and interface designers such as Scott Kim, Tyler Hinman and Stimulant, a San Francisco-based interaction design consultancy.

Parents and educators have also hailed Sifteo as a compelling education platform that promotes learning while having fun. Sifteo cubes and games encourage the development of core thinking skills - for example:

· Spatial Reasoning: Understand relationships between objects in terms of distance and orientation

· Strategy and Planning: Hone higher-level thinking and problem solving skills

· Patterns and Perception: Sort and classify items to understand trends and develop hypotheses

· Cooperation and Collaboration: Build and refine social skills to solve problems with other people

"Sifteo has designed an educational play platform that relates extraordinarily well to children of all ages," said Dr. Victoria Matthews, founder and former director of the Montessori School of Ojai, California. "There is no limit to how parents and educators can use Sifteo cubes to combine fun and learning in a unique way that engages today's digital kid."

A software development kit (SDK) will be available at launch, giving developers the freedom to create interactive games and applications for their Sifteo cubes. Game programmers, interface designers and hobbyist developers can utilize the Sifteo SDK to imagine and build new interactions that bridge physical objects and digital content, and they can soon share their creations online through the Sifteo store.

Pricing and Availability

The Sifteo Pack includes three Sifteo cubes, a Sifteo charging dock and a USB radio link which wirelessly connects the cubes to any Windows or Mac computer, enabling users to download and play the latest Sifteo games. The Sifteo Pack, priced at $149, and additional Sifteo cubes, priced at $45 each, are available for U.S. and Canadian customers to pre-order at Sifteo's website (www.sifteo.com) and will begin shipping to customers in September 2011. The Sifteo store contains a collection of fun, social and engaging titles across a spectrum of arcade, strategy, language and puzzle games, priced at $5 or less.

How To Play with Sifteo Cubes

To play with Sifteo cubes, users first install Siftrunner (Sifteo's desktop application) on an internet-connected computer, then buy and download games and apps from Sifteo's store. A USB wireless link connects Siftrunner with Sifteo cubes during play. For best performance, users should play within a few feet of the USB wireless link. In optimal conditions, the range may extend up to 20 feet.

About Sifteo

Sifteo Inc is building the world's first platform for Intelligent Play. Sifteo has designed Sifteo cubes, a next-generation play system consisting of physical blocks with full color graphics that sense each other and their motion. Sifteo is dedicated to producing applications and games for adults and children, encouraging development of key thinking skills through fun, engaging and social games. Sifteo is located in San Francisco, CA. For more information, visit Sifteo at https://www.sifteo.com/.
source: Engadget

PS3 firmware update v3.70 adds auto-save cloud storage for subscribers, updates XMB and 3D support

As if saving your PS3 games to the cloud wasn't convenient enough, Sony's gone and automated the process for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The v3.70 software update offers an automatic sync option for trophies and game save states, giving members exclusive access to their gaming goods wherever they go. The firmware also packs a few additional features for non-paid users, adding a recommendation function to items in the PlayStation store, and a new "TV / Video Services" XMB category for Netflix, Hulu PLUS and VUDU apps. Sony's also thrown in a few 3D tweaks, with MPO format compatibility for photos, and support for Java-based special features and DTS-HD MA and DTS-HD HR audio output for 3D Bluray movie playback. Although the gaming giant hasn't announced an official date for the release, expect it to hit your home console soon.
source: Engadget

Flame Red Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo will launch a Flame Red version of their Nintendo 3DS handheld console on September 9th, 2011. The new colored system will be accompanied by a new Star Fox 64 3D title, keeping both Cosmo Black and Aqua Blue colors company. The Flame Red Nintendo 3DS retails for $169.99 in the United States.
source: TechFresh

SteelSeries Sensei gaming mouse gets announced

A few days back we reported that SteelSeries had announced a new gaming mouse that was designed for the World of Warcraft gamer in mind. If you're not a fan of World of Warcraft or if perhaps the design isn't to your liking, SteelSeries has just announced another gaming mouse, the Sensei.

The Sensei, if you're wondering why it looks so familiar, it's because it's actually the successor to the SteelSeries Xai gaming mouse that was released last year. Keeping to its predecessor's design, the Sensei is pretty sleek and clean looking, keeping things simple but presumably functional.

It comes with a brand new metal surface, customizable lighting and a new 32 bit ARM processor, which SteelSeries is claiming is as fast as the 1994 Pentium processors. It will also be able to reach up to 11,400 DCPI which feels like overkill, but I'm guessing that hardcore gamers will probably appreciate it more.

As usual with most gaming mice, the SteelSeries Sensei will not come cheap and will cost you $90. If you have the funds necessary for the purchase, the Sensei will be available come this September.
source: Ubergizmo

Walmart, Target jump the gun on Nintendo 3DS price drops

Can't wait for August 12th for Nintendo's 3DS price drop to take effect? Good news, neither could two giant retailers, apparently. Walmart reportedly got the ball rolling yesterday, cutting the asking price down from $250 to $170 in-store, and Target quickly followed suit - the price is still listed as $250 on both sites for the moment. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata acknowledged late last month that the drops, officially scheduled for August 12th, were due to concerns from retailers and game designers. As Joystiq points out, those who buy the console before the switchover is official will likely be able to take advantage of the price drop and Nintendo's offer of free games for early adopters. Score.
source: Engadget

Nintendo opens 5,000 free WiFi hotspots across the pond, connects your 3DS to The Cloud

Still fuming over that 3DS price drop despite the Big N's conciliatory make-goods? If you happen to be a resident gamer in the UK, tack some 5,000 free WiFi hotspots onto the company's apology. According to a report from International Business Times, the service, backed by BSkyB-controlled The Cloud, goes live today, bringing users access to all the console's usual online features and should come in handy when in-game DLC becomes available later this year. No doubt the move from Nintendo's British outfit is intended to add a little purchase incentive to the DS' underwhelming successor, as well as boosting the gaming giant's own declining earnings. No matter, with twenty free games and gratis WiFi - it's looking good to be an early adopter.
source: Engadget

Friday, August 5, 2011

Borderlands 2 Confirmed By 2K Games And Gearbox

2K Games and Gearbox have confirmed the availability of Borderlands 2. The video game is expected to arrive sometime between April 2012 and Spring 2013. Borderlands 2 will contain all new characters, skills, environments, enemies, weapons and equipments for gamers to enjoy. The new game will be released for the Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, and PC. We will keep you posted. [Geeky Gadgets]
source: TechFresh

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty demo upgraded to Starter Edition

If you've checked out the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty demo but feel that there isn't enough content for you to get a good feel of the game, Blizzard has some good news for you. The company has just announced that they've upgraded the StarCraft II demo and rebranded it as the StarCraft II: Starter Edition. More than just a name change, the StarCraft II: Starter Edition gives additional content for users to experience before they make up their minds about purchasing the game.

StarCraft II: Starter Edition gives users the first four missions of the Wings of Liberty single-player campaign (Mar Sara 1-3 and Tychus or Dr. Hansen's first mission), the first two challenges (Tactical Command and Covert Ops), access to the Terran race in Custom Games and Single-player vs. AI, Access to the following custom maps - Xel'Naga Caverns, Shattered Temple, Discord IV and High Orbit (map selection may rotate over time). And for folks who decide to upgrade from the Started Edition to the full game, campaign progress and achievements will be carried over.

The StarCraft II: Starter Edition is available for free - all you need is a Battle.net account (free) and an internet connection. Head over to Battle.net to download it.
source: Ubergizmo

John Carmack: Video Games Reduce Aggression

"Games don't elevate levels of aggression and violence, they actually reduce those levels according to id Software's John Carmack." Well, that's what he said.

id Software's John Carmack recently spoke with Industry Gamers and said that games are basically cathartic: they reduce aggression and violence rather than increase those levels as many anti-gaming parties would suggest.

Most of his short interview with the site reminisced on a time when DOOM was blamed for the violence that took place in the Columbine massacre back in 1999. Carmack said he never bought into the whole games-causes-violence debate, and seemingly believes that some of it was dished out in order to get a piece of the media spotlight.

“People just play games now and I never took seriously the violence in video games debate,” he said. “It was basically talking points for people to get on CNN and espouse their stuff on there. There was an E3 where all that was going on where I was giving interviews and the reporters would start going into their questions, and I wasn't supposed to talk about any of that. My wife was there and she'd start kicking me when I was about to go, ‘Well, I think...' And in the end it didn't matter, it didn't make any impact on things. I never felt threatened by it and it turned out not to matter.”

Without spouting actual statistics and sources, he then added that there's more evidence to show that games actually reduce aggression and violence. “There have actually been some studies about that, that it's cathartic,” he said. “If you go to QuakeCon and you walk by and you see the people there [and compare that to] a random cross section of a college campus, you're probably going to find a more peaceful crowd of people at the gaming convention. I think it's at worst neutral and potentially positive.”

Carmack also indicated that, despite the controversy surrounding the school shootings, DOOM was the turning point of the gaming industry; it brought games into the mainstream media based on what it could do, not how it reportedly influenced a couple of troubled high school seniors.

“I remember what I think was one of the turning points, really for the industry, when we were developing DOOM and we were at our office and I noticed that the janitor that was emptying the trash had just been sitting there watching… John Romero was playing something and he had just been sitting there, a guy who probably never had played a video game in his life,” he said. “And he was just mesmerized watching this. And I realized that we had reached a point now where we were reaching beyond the self-selected geeky gamer-type audience that used to be all that there was.”

Last week a clinical psychologist said that it was “racist” to place the blame of massacres solely on video games. “I know it's a little controversial to say but there's a certain type of racism in place with these killings,” said Christopher Ferguson of the Texas A&M International University. “When shootings happen in an inner city in minority-populated schools, video games are never brought up. But when these things happen in white majority schools and in the suburbs, people start to freak out and video games are inevitably blamed. I think that there's a certain element of racism or ignorance here.”
source: 2DayBlog.com

PlayStation Vita delayed until 2012 for folks in the West

Boy, is this a piece of wet blanket news – when we read about Sony's PlayStation Vita (PS Vita for short) hitting the FCC and gaining its approval, we were rather pleased, as it normally signals a release that tends to happen sooner rather than later. Well, word has it that the PS Vita will start rolling out this year, although it won't be a global one.

PlayStation head honcho Kaz Hirai has just revealed that the PlayStation Vita will hit the Land the of Rising Sun (that's Japan, in case your geography isn't up to scratch) this year, while the Americas and Europe will have to wait until next year. Of course, next year would mean you will have to play the guessing game as to the exact date where you will have to make 366 guesses at most for the correct answer.

According to Hirai, “We packed so much into the device and made it very affordable. There is no need to lower the price just because somebody else that happens to be in the video game business decided that they were going to lower their price.” Guess that means there won't be any 3DS style price cut in the near future, either.
source: Ubergizmo

Two free Xbox Live games coming to Windows Phone 7 handsets next week

While we're guessing that this piece of news won't exactly sway Android or iOS users over to Windows Phone 7, it certainly is good news for those who currently own WP7 handsets. Come August 10th two new Xbox Live games will be making their way over to the Windows Phone 7 platform, and the best part is that they will be free!

The games in question will be Minesweeper and Sodoku, which aren't exactly groundbreaking, but I guess that while there are plenty of other Minesweeper and Sodoku games out there, these titles are considered to be the "official" version.

While they are considered to be free, they will be ad-driven in the sense that they will come loaded up with a Bing search bar in its interface. Granted that Bing does a pretty good job as a search engine, we don't think that WP7 users will mind terribly. The games will also be designed in the same Metro UI look used by WP7 which makes the overall look pretty consistent with the rest of the phone.

Interestingly enough the games will also feature powerups and achievements, although for games like Minesweeper and Sodoku we're not sure how much powerups and achievements will matter. If you're interested in getting your hands on these games, they will be available from Marketplace come 10th of August.
source: Ubergizmo

“Rezurrection” Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack to be released 23rd August on Xbox 360

Are you a fan of zombie first-person shooters? If you are, perhaps it's time to dust off your copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops and check out the latest map pack that Treyarch is putting out while you wait for Modern Warfare 3 to be released. The map pack is titled "Rezurrection" and it will be coming to the Xbox 360 first followed by PC and PlayStation 3 later.

Unfortunately these maps will not be multiplayer maps but if you enjoy shooting zombies and mowing them down with your guns then perhaps there might be something in these maps for you. It will come with an all new map level called "Moon" along with four re-mastered zombie maps that should be familiar to those who own the Hardened/Prestige version of Call of Duty: Black Ops. They are "Nacht der Üntoten," "Verrückt," "Shi No Numa" and "Der Riese."

The map pack is expected to be released on the 23rd of August for the Xbox 360 first and will cost $15, although if you own the Hardened/Prestige version of the game you will be able to get them for free by simply re-downloading the Classic Zombies pack.
source: Ubergizmo

Video game bras show your love for the game

What better way to tell the world you like gaming than to buy merchandise for showing your love for your favorite video games? While these items usually range from shirts, caps, backpacks and badges, a SceeneShoes from Etsy decided to take things further with some custom-made video game undergarments and shoes. After all, nothing screams “big fan” better than custom-made unofficial merchandise (pirated goods on the other hand is another story).

With prices ranging from $25 to $55, you can get yourself a pair of hand-painted Super Mario, Sonic, or Pokemon sneakers; or Angry Birds, NES controllers or Princess Peach's top painted onto a bra for you. The perfect gift for the video game-loving couple - it's pretty hard to go wrong with bras and shoes like these. Head over to SceeneShoes at Etsy for more images and purchasing details.
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Cut the Rope: Experiments now available for iOS devices

Have you played Cut the Rope, and Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift until you've managed to score 3 stars on all the stages and unlock every single achievement in the game? If you answered yes, we've got some good news for you. ZeptoLab, the creators of Cut the Rope have officially announced the launch of a new installment to the series called Cut the Rope: Experiments. The game adds three level packs (75 levels in total) in colorful new settings.

There will be new mechanics and settings available in the game in addition to new gameplay elements, settings, additional animations, and updated sounds. Fans of the original game won't be lost, while people who are new to the game should have no trouble jumping right into it. There will also be new challenges such as a photo hunt, and social media integration with Facebook and GameCenter. Cut the Rope: Experiments is available now for the iPod touch and iPhone ($0.99) and in HD for the iPad ($1.99).
source: Ubergizmo

Need For Speed franchise gears up for The Run with trailer

Everyone knows that street racing of any ilk is a recipe for disaster. Pushing a machine on public streets is an easy way to end an innocent life, which is why we love the Need For Speed franchise so much. The games allow players to take to virtual tarmac to scratch our persistent illegal go-fast itch. NFS has officially released a trailer for its next title, Need For Speed: The Run, which pits high-dollar metal against each other in a race from Los Angeles to New York. Gamers who opt for the limited-edition game can sink their teeth into three unique cars, too.

Those include the mighty Lamborghini Aventador as well as the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and the yet-to-be-unveiled Porsche 911 Carrera S. We even get a few quick shadowy glances at the Porsche during the teaser. The game looks to promise plenty of fender-to-fender action, crashes and death defying feats of driving skill. Hit the jump to check out the trailer for yourself.
source: 2DayBlog.com

Infinity Blade Price Cut

Epic Games has decided to reduce the price of its “hugely successful” iOS game, Infinity Blade. The game is currently available for $2.99. FYI, the original price was $5.99. Infinity Blade is currently being turned into a premium title for Japan, expected to launch this fall. [Joystiq]
source: TechFresh

Sony: PS Vita Will Not be Ready by Christmas

Sony Corp. Executive Vice President Kazuo Hirai said on Thursday that the PlayStation Vita won't go on sale in Japan until the end of the year. That means we won't see the unit until early next year. Hirai didn't label the new release schedule as an actual delay, but instead stated that the company wants a solid software offering when the hardware launches.

According to Sony, the PlayStation Vita will cost $249 USD / 24,980 yen for the Wi-Fi-only version, and $299 USD / 29,980 yen for the 3G version. Starting August 11, the Nintendo 3DS will cost 15,000 yen in Japan and $169.99 USD here in the States on August 12. Given the sudden price hack, does Sony plan to reduce the PlayStation Vita pricetag before it lands on store shelves?

“We packed so much into the device and made it very affordable,” Hirai told reporters at Sony's Tokyo headquarters. “There is no need to lower the price just because somebody else that happens to be in the video game business decided that they were going to lower their price.”

Guess that's a big no.

Hirai didn't say exactly when the PlayStation Vita will arrive in the States and Europe, only stating “early next year,” but the Associated Press didn't even feel confident that Hirai's “end of the year in Japan” comment even indicated that the hardware would be ready by Christmas. Still, one thing's for certain: Sony will miss a key marketing window in the States by delaying the release until after the holidays. Would the 3DS have done better had it launched in the November/December holiday season window? Probably.

Hirai said that once the PlayStation Vita launches in Japan, the console's shipment schedule will enter into a phased rollout for the other territories.
source: 2DayBlog.com

id Software slashes the prices for Wolfenstein and Doom games on iOS

Quakecon kicked off yesterday, and to celebrate the occasion, id Software has decided to slash the prices of its classic FPS games that are available on iOS devices. It's no surprise that id Software is a huge fan of the platform, with all of its mobile games only available on it at the moment. Not to mention, it seems to be the only platform worth developing for, according to a previous poll John Carmack did at last year's Quakcon.

While you won't be getting Rage at a discounted price (you've probably purchased the game by now), you'll be able to relive those MS-DOS days of blasting pixilated monsters and Nazis away with your whole assortment of guns. If you weren't playing DOOM or Wolfenstein as a kid, then here's your chance to enjoy what you missed out.

Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum is now available for $0.99 (was $1.99), DOOM Classic $1.99 (was $6.99), DOOM II RPG $0.99 (was $3.99) and DOOM Resurrection $1.99 (was $6.99). No word on how long these discounts will last, but you should probably take advantage of it while you can.
source: Ubergizmo

Nintendo apologizes about 3DS price cut

Remember the price cut for the Nintendo 3DS that happened last week? You can imagine how the early adopters must have felt about the significant price cut for the console merely months after it went on sale. Well, Nintendo's CEO, Satoru Iwata, has come forward about the whole situation, and admits about the 3DS not doing as well as predicted in terms of sales. The reason for the price cut has been to reassure “software creators and those on the retail side that are not confident that the Nintendo 3DS is a worthy successor to the DS and will achieve a similarly broad user base.”

Consumers aren't the only ones losing hope in the console - developers and retailers feel it too. So this price cut could possibly reinvigorate the sales of the 3DS. And just in case you missed the memo - if you were one of the early adopters of the glasses-free 3D console, you'll be entitled to 20 free games if you log on to the 3DS eShop before August 10, which is a pretty good deal if you were planning on forking out money for those titles. Any of you planning to buy the console at its original price to get the free games or will you be waiting for the price drop before getting it?
source: Ubergizmo

PlayStation Vita a No-Show for the Holidays, Except in Japan

Want to have a Sony PlayStation Vita by Christmas? If you live in the United States or Europe, it is highly unlikely.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Sony's Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai says that its next-gen handheld console will not be released in the States or Europe until next year. Hirai even says the device will only be available in Japan by the end of this year.

The executive acknowledged that not selling the Vita during the holiday season would be really costly. “This is going to prove painful for Sony,” Hirai added.

So why the delay? Nobody knows for sure, but let's just hope Sony will not delay its release. They did that with the PlayStation 3 countless times, which ultimately hurt sales when it was launched a year after the updated Xbox 360 was released.

The PS Vita will be available in two different models: The WiFi-only model costing $249 and the one with 3G for $299.
source: Gadget.com

Monday, July 18, 2011

PS3 feature being removed on the sly by Sony?

Someone managed to be a screen ninja for the day, sending Kotaku an image of what could very well be the replacement model for the 160GB PlayStation 3. In this image are wordings of rumored replacement model, known only as the “K” chassis. What makes the K chassis so different from current models would be to have customers make compulsory use of an HDMI cable to play a game or enjoy a Full HD movie. To put it in a nutshell, component out will no longer be part of the game, leaving HDMI as the only avenue to get your High Definition viewing fix.

This purported memo also claims that future PS3 models will also take the same path, while its predecessors will not be receiving an update to make HDMI cables compulsory for HD viewing. Well, this rumor might actually drive up the prices of second hand PS3 models – pre-K chassis ones, of course, if it were to be substantiated with truth.

Either way, it doesn't hurt to pick up an HDMI cable at the moment if you happen to spot one going for a really cheap price.
source: Ubergizmo

The Octane 120 Beer Arcade combines drinking and gaming

Looking to be the envy of all your beer guzzling, gamer friends? If you are, then perhaps Dream Arcades' Octane 120 Pro Beer Arcade might be something you would want for your living room, provided you're willing to fork out close to $6,000 for it.

The Beer Arcade also comes loaded with a dozen driving sims and a fully adjustable steering wheel and seat, variable-resistance clutch, brake, and gas pedals, and as the name suggests, this is the one time where drinking and "driving" is not illegal! The Beer Arcade is also said to be compatible with the PlayStation 3, so perhaps if you'd rather hook up a non-driving game, it shouldn't be a problem.

Beer wise, the Beer Arcade will be able to hold two 5 gallons or a half barrel keg worth of beer, with the option of either reaching around to pour it from the tap, or pour it in front of you via the cup holder, which will hold your glass steady while you pour yourself a cold one.

For those looking to get in some two-player gaming, the Beer Arcade will also feature a wireless two-player arcade control panel with a built-in trackball. So what do you think? Anybody willing to drop $6,000 for this bad boy?
source: Ubergizmo

Resistance 3 – Stalker Battle Gameplay

Here is the latest gameplay video of Resistance 3. It is an upcoming 2011 science fiction first person shooter video game developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3. Resistance 3 will feature PlayStation Move support and stereoscopic 3D. What's more, players will be able to utilize the PlayStation Sharp Shooter peripheral attachment.
source: TechFresh

Xbox Kinect finds a use in Sunnybrook Health Services Center

A while back we had reported that Microsoft saw a future where the Kinect could be used within the healthcare industry, and it looks like that future has arrived. It seems that the doctors at Sunnybrook Health Services Center in Canada have started to use the Kinect within the confines of the operating room.

When we reported about Microsoft's vision for the future, we mentioned that sometimes during a procedure, the doctor would be required to go through various records and data, viewing a CT scan for example. This can be achieved by either waiting for a nurse to hand the doctor the data or the doctor would have to use a computer themselves. As it happens, it has been said that there are more germs found on a computer keyboard than there are on a toilet seat, which means it's highly unlikely the doctor would be putting his/her hands back into the patient after using a computer.

What this means is that the doctor would have to scrub out and scrub in all over again, and repeat this process as many times as necessary. Not only is this a huge waste of time, but it's time that some patients may not have.

The doctors along with an engineer at Sunnybrook have managed to put together a piece of software that utilizes the Kinect and allows them to perform basic computer functions, such as adjusting images without having to touch the computer. It's pretty amazing what they have done, and we can only imagine that over time, the software will become more refined and complex.
source: Ubergizmo

Is This The Future Of Video Gaming?

As you well know, video games will develop as new technologies are being introduced. It might just be a matter of time when current video games using joysticks, controllers or mouse and keyboard will give way to a more intuitive controls such as provided via a multi-touch screen. While you may think that such video games may still be afar off, here is a striking new video game called Fleet Commander that might just change today's video gaming experience.

It is almost a no-brainer to say that a large-scale video game experience is better than small scale. Imagine having a large multi-touch screen that allows you to control a fleet of inter-galactic spaceships going to war and you will probably have the Fleet Commander. Actually this incredible new video game is just a project developed at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) by Arthur Nishimoto, an MS student at the University of Illinois in Chicago. It is a real time multi-player space strategy game that allows players to control the spaceships and even command other ships inside them to go to war with the enemy.

The Fleet Commander game was developed for the TacTile touch screen display. It is similar to a Star Wars game, only made cooler by utilizing touchscreen controls as seen on this video. Even the fact that it is being played on a large-scale display makes the experience all that incredible. Just imagine how video games like this will become quite common in the future. It will only take some time before some gaming company licenses the technology to make it possible.
source: Gadget.com

Nintendo has problems porting some of their classic games over to the 3DS

With the release of the Nintendo 3DS portable gaming console (check out our review here), the company had promised that it will release lots of classic games from its portfolio which will be remastered to take advantage of the 3DS' display, which can display 3D images without the need for special 3D-glasses to be worn by the player. For those who are unfamiliar with Nintendo's “3D Classics” range on its 3DS, it's basically where the game company takes old games (think 8-bit and 16-bit) and gives them a 3D makeover, with Excitebike and Kirby's Dream Land as examples.

Nintendo's Takao Nakano explained that simply converting the old and flat 2D graphics to stereoscopic 3D just wasn't enough and that the games were left feeling like something was missing. In an example he gave with the classic NES shooter game, Xevious:

“With a 2D screen, players had to use their imagination for Solvalou flying above the ground, but on the Nintendo 3DS system, we thought we might be able to recreate it using stereoscopic graphics so it looked like it was really floating [...] In the original version, the game unfolds on a flat surface. The moment we made Solvalou float in midair, all sorts of discrepancies arose.

For example, when an enemy on the ground fired at Solvalou in the original, everything was on the same plane, so it didn't seem unusual if the bomb appeared at the same altitude as Solvalou the moment it was fired and then hit Solvalou right away. But with the Nintendo 3DS system, Solvalou is floating in midair. If the bomb suddenly appears – zhing! – at the same altitude as Solvalou… We were like, ‘Huh? Something doesn't feel right!' Everything was off!”

Nintendo has estimated that the workload for a mere port has been increased by at least 20 times, which means that gamers should expect some games (like Tennis) to not make its way to the 3DS or to be delayed.
source: Ubergizmo


This is one of the more interesting Android games we've seen pop up of late. AR Blitz requires users to print out (!) a physical sheet of paper with several markers on it, which your phone's camera then uses as hooks to generate a 3D puzzle game over the top on its screen.

It's an absolutely crazy idea built using Unity 3D and Qualcomm's AR tools, and it looks just like this:

Check it out on the Android Market, if you have the inclination and a working printer. And toner. And paper. There's a video of it in action below…

Worth downloading if only to get that music running on loop.
source: Eurodroid

PES 2011, Pocket Legends and Lumines now “optimised” for Xperia PLAY owners

Some rather huge games from right across the gaming spectrum have been updated with control schemes for Sony Ericsson's gaming phone, with Konami's PES 2011, Pocket Legends and the mobile version of puzzle game classic Lumines now all updated to feature Xperia PLAY control support.

Here's PES 2011 on Android:

If anyone takes a chance on Lumines, could you let us know how it is? We're enormous fans of the PSP original and the version on the Market looks a little bit… “Java”.
source: Eurodroid

Driver: San Francisco – Single-Player Gameplay Video

Check out the latest gameplay video from the upcoming Driver: San Francisco title, highlighting the single-player portion of the game. As mentioned before, this sandbox-style action driving video game will hit PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and PC on August 30th.
source: TechFresh

Nintendo 3DS Now Offers Netflix

After announcing that Nintendo 3DS will offer a 3D video service in Japan, the company has now confirmed that American customers will also enjoy watching videos in 3DS through its partnership with Netflix. Nintendo 3DS users in the United States can download the Netflix app for free, but requires subscription to Netflix to access streaming movies and TV shows.

To download the app, users must first install the 3DS system update that was released last June 6, then head over to Nintendo eShop where the app is available. Aside from Netflix, the eShop also adds four classic Game & Watch titles to its roster.

This new feature is part of Nintendo's strategy to position the Nintendo 3DS as more than just a gaming console.
source: Gadget.com

ASUS G74SX - redefining gaming notebooks

ASUS has just announced the launch of its new Republic of Gamers (ROG) notebook that is said to redefine the gaming notebook standard. Called the G74SX, it features high-end specs that should make running the latest games at the highest settings a walk in the park. The ASUS G74SX packs the second generation Intel Core i7 CPU, an NVIDIA GTX 560M GPU with 3GB of GDDR5 VRAM, support for NVIDIA 3D Vision and 3DTV Play for you to immerse yourself in games, movies and other forms of entertainment with 3D technology.

Other specs include - up to 16GB of DDR3 RAM, 8-channel HD audio with THX TruStudio, Creative EAX Advanced HD 5.0 compatibility, on-the-fly overclocking, ambient lighting, Blu-ray playback, SSD options, or up to 1.5TB HDDs. A 5-degree angled keyboard is provided for comfort, and dual intelligent fans and an upgraded rear venting system keeps your system cool even when gaming long hours. The notebook also comes with an Easy Upgrade Cover that allows users to easily remove the panel under the G74SX with a coin so they can upgrade their memory or HDD on their own with no trouble.

The ASUS G74SX is available now, with prices starting at $1,799.99. Head over to the ASUS website to find out more.
source: Ubergizmo

PlayStation 4 concept

The PlayStation 3 isn't even near its projected 10 year lifecycle yet, although time has surely flown by since the PS3 debuted a few years back, with the advertising tagline that it was the cheapest Blu-ray player in the market at that time. Well, the PS3 has yet to be maximized by developers although they are getting there, which means Sony would do well to be working on a PS4, no? Trust someone to dream up of the PS4 design which you can see above.

Continuing where the slim PS3 left off, this PS4 concept is said to comprise of 60% recyclable materials, magnesium alloy and carbon, using up zero watts of juice while on standby. Before you wonder whether that is possible, it seems that this is done thanks to a switch that will turn the power off from the outlet every half hour, drawing juice from its rechargeable battery for about five minutes to keep it going.

No matter how futuristic the PS4 is, it seems that the future will still see physical media, but this time around you get a 3D Blu-ray optical drive coupled with a ridiculously generous 1.5TB hard drive. Now how about furnishing us with a conceptual price, hmmm?
source: Ubergizmo

Epic Games: people want to spend $6 on iPhone games

How many of you spend money on games for your mobile devices? If you have, how many of you have spent over $5 on a single game before? If you answered yes to both questions and you think you're in the minority: there's more people like you than you think. According to Epic Games, the company behind the hot selling game, Infinity Blade; people are willing to spend money on a game - as long as it's worth it. The over $11 million of revenue they've made from the game alone (and that is after subtracting Apple's cut) proves it.

“Experience tells us that if you create content with high production values the audience will buy it. You're customers, what would you prefer to do: Buy a game like Infinity Blade for $6 with plenty of gameplay, good production values that offers a visceral experience; or pay 99c for something you play once and never ever go back to?” says Epic Games' senior manager, Mika Gamble.

Well, it looks like developers who are thinking of pricing their games at $0.99 might want to think twice after seeing how successful games can be at premium prices. Of course, the quality of the game will have to match its price tag.
source: Ubergizmo

StarCraft Universe (StarCraft 2 MMO mod) Gameplay Trailer released

One of the best things about games that come with official map editors or development kits is the content that comes from the modding community after the game is released. A lot of hit games have started off as small mods that gained massive success. Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, Enemy Territory and Defense of the Ancients - they all started out as user created mods that were created with the official tools.

While StarCraft II has been known more for its competitive ladder gameplay than its user-created mods, there's one mod that really stands out from the crowd. Called StarCraft Universe, it is designed to be a MMO-like mod for SC II. Due to the limitations of the SC II engine and the tools itself, the game won't be a real MMO like what World of Warcraft is in terms of scale. But judging by the recently released gameplay trailer, it looks like it's capable of providing an experience similar to WoW when it comes to character creation, battling, and exploring. But hey - a video trailer is not a substitute for actual gameplay, so don't hold it against us if the gameplay doesn't turn out like the preview in the final version.

While it'll still be awhile before StarCraft players get their hands on the “MMO” mod, it does have Blizzard's blessing to go ahead, so you won't have to worry about the company shutting down the project halfway just because they weren't happy with the use of its intellectual property.
source: Ubergizmo

Konami's Online golf simulator, GOLF CONNECTION

This is the latest digital golf simulator from Konami, called Golf Connection. It uses a high speed camera and sensors to measure the speed, angle and spin of the ball so it can reproduce it accurately in the game. It also measures how well you hit the ball by sensing if it hit the sweet spot of the club. This information as well as videos of your swing are then accessible online via a PC or smartphone.

“Until now, golf simulators had limitations, such as the ball had to be marked, and it had to face a certain direction. But with our new sensor, as long as the ball is within a certain area, it can be placed freely, and there's no need to mark it. These are the main improvements we've made with this simulator.”

If you register with an e-AMUSEMENT PASS or a mobile phone that supports NFC, you can continue playing your game at a later date, as well as join online leaderboards and share your data via social networking services. In training mode, you can compare your current form with data stored on the server and see how you are improving as you play.

“Because you can perform data visualization on your shots, you can see which clubs you're not very good with, or where your form was poor today. If people make good use of this, then beginners can see that they're better today than they were yesterday, and intermediate players can see whether the new club they've bought suits them, by actually hitting the ball. So we think customers will be able to use this simulator in a variety of ways.”

The game features over 150 accurately reproduced courses, and in on-course training mode you can choose not only which hole to play, but the exact location you would like to play from.

“On the green, the tolerance is between a few centimeters to only tens of centimeters, and even on the fairway, it's no more than 30 centimeters. Also, because having obstacles such as branches in the way affects your course strategy quite a lot, we've also reproduced the trees on the courses faithfully.”

This simulator will debut in September 2011, and will be priced substantially lower than the previous version.
source: Akihabara News

Black Ops: Annihilation PC and PS3 To Launch On July 28th

Activision has made a new announcement today that Black Ops' latest DLC pack ‘Annihilation' will hit both PC and PS3 on July 28th. As a reminder, this add-on content will offer four new competitive maps and new zombie area, Shangri-La. [VG247]
source: TechFresh