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Full list of Nintendo 3DS games announced at E3

As many of you already know, the 3DS is having a hard time moving units after its initial launch. Whether that is because of headaches from the 3D, the expensive $250 price tag or lack of must-have games, Nintendo big E3 plan for the 3DS was to kill the drought of games. Although some impressive games were demoed, they still felt like very typical Nintendo-esque games – meaning games that are geared towards appealing to everyone as opposed to those that are for the hardcore like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty.

Read on to find out the full list of 3DS games announced by Nintendo today. Big franchises like Mario Kart, Tekken and Luigi's Mansion 2 should tide gamers through the holidays.

Ace Combat 3D
Cave Story 3D
Driver Renegade
Kid Icarus Uprising
Luigi's Mansion 2
Mario and Sonic at the Olympics in London 2012
Mario Kart
Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D
Pac-Man and Galaga Dimensions
Resident Evil: Revelation
Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D
Star Fox 3D
Super Mario 3D
Tekken 3D

Let us know in the comments below what you think about the selection of games that will be available on the 3DS. Are they good enough to fill the empty void that cooled off the handheld's launch? Or are you going to join Sony and its new PS Vita?
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Hands on with Nintendo's new Wii U controller

We just stormed the show floor at E3 and strong-armed a few people to get right up close and personal with Nintendo's brand new Wii U controller. The demo game required a lot of movement on the user's part - there was a lot of shaking involved with controlling the character on the screen - but the interaction definitely looked like nothing we've seen before. The large touchscreen display was bright, too, and the controls are all comfortably within reach of your thumbs. We dig the white color of the controller as well, and it absolutely looks like a substantial high-end device. Hit the gallery below to see the rest of our hands-on images!
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Nintendo celebrates 25 years of Zelda with new games and gold Wii Remote

Kicking off Nintendo's E3 press conference, Nintendo had an orchestra play memorable Legend of Zelda tunes while Shigeru Miyamoto reenacted Link's motion. A trailer demoing 25 years worth of Zelda played to to a thunderous crowd. But what is Nintendo doing to celebrate the festivities?

It's releasing a bunch of games, a new gold Wii Remote and two special edition musical soundtracks. Hit the link to find out the full details.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening – 3DS Virtual Console – available today by day's end.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - includes hint mode, Master Quest and extra boss mode.

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords: DSi Ware – FREE

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – Wii

In addition to four Zelda games that will make their way to Nintendo systems by the end of the year, a special gold Zelda Tri-force emblazoned Wii RemotePlus wil also be sold alongside Skyward Sword. It looks pretty nifty and looks to be a collector's item for any diehard Zelda fan.

Spoiling fans is what Nintendo does best, so what better way to get Zelda fans all giddy than with The Legend of Zelda 25th Annivesary Symphony concerts that will be held across regions around the world.

Lastly, two CDs will be released: 1) soundtrack for Ocarina of Time 3D will be available to all Club Nintendo members who register their games early and 2) Symphony CD from the concerts.

Boy, does Nintendo know how to spoil its fans or what?
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These are the Wii U's geeky tech specs

The Wii U might have been announced at Nintendo's E3 press conference this morning and the Wii U touchscreen controller might have been the focus of everybody's attention, but do you want to know a little more about what's powering the Wii U console itself? Sure you do. Follow the link over to get the low-down on the Wii U's tech specs. According to IBM, Nintendo's Wii U is powered by a custom 45nm multi-core processor with embedded DRAM. In addition to its IBM heart, the graphics are powered by a custom AMD Radeon HD GPU. What does that mean to the regular gamer? Not much, except that the console will be able to churn out 1080p HD video with detail that should be on par with what is available on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

As far as storage, ports and disc format goes, the Wii uses a 12 cm optical disc via a slot loading tray again. It'll have four USB 2.0 ports, a little front hatch for expansion through SD cards, an unspecified amount of internal storage, external hard drive support when plugged into a USB port as well as HDMI, component and S-video cables.

From a design perspective, the Wii U's ditched the silver vertical stand and even the controller and memory card ports for the Gamecube. All of the console's buttons are now positioned horizontally and we're not sure if the glowing blue optical disc drive light is gone as well.

Oh, let's not forget that the Wii U is backwards compatible with all Wii games (it won't upscale the current games to HD, though), so don't start using those as coasters yet.

Nintendo didn't release any information on whether or not the Wii U can play DVDs or Blu-ray discs, but we can probably make a good guess that streaming content such as Netflix and YouTube as well as a web browser will make its way onto the Wii U, as it did on the Wii.

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are entertainment hubs for the living room. If Nintendo wants to truly compete, it needs to not only bring that same experience but with its classic Nintendo touch, but also provide a robust and solid online experience that can truly compete with PSN and Xbox Live.
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Wii U Controller Preview

Shocking nobody who's paid any attention to all the rumors over the last couple of weeks, Nintendo unveiled the Wii U and its controller at its E3 press conference this morning. Boasting a 6.2-inch screen, dual analog circle pads, a mic, two pairs of rear triggers, a stylus and more, the controller wowed Nintendo fans near and far, gamers casual to hardcore and even many Sony and Microsoft diehards.

Just like the PS Vita, we immediately hopped over to Nintendo's booth and awaited to go hands-on with the Wii U and its controller. Our full preview is just a click away.

Design and Weight

Let's cut to the chase. The Wii U controller is extremely light. As with the PS Vita preview, the Wii U controllers on display were prototypes, albeit working ones that more than likely do not have any sort of battery pack included. Final retail Wii U controllers could become heavier, but we're hoping it won't be too noticeable.

One thing we did notice that was missing was rumble/force feedback. Even with our repeated pestering, Nintendo reps refused to acknowledge whether or not the final controller would or wouldn't have rumble in it. No rumble would be a huge step backwards (anybody who bought a SixAxis PS3 controller when Sony nixed it before going back and adding it in the DualShock 3 will know how important rumble is).

Overall, the Wii U controller felt exceptionally comfortable, the back was a nice matte non-slip plastic (we did sweat while playing New Super Mario Bros. Mii) and the A/B/X/Y buttons and triggers felt solid enough. One thing we're not so sure about yet are the two analog Circle Pads. While rubbery, the Circle pads don't appear to have as much rotation as old analog sticks on the Wii Remote and Gamecube controllers. Also, if they're anything like the 3DS Circle Pad, then they're going to wear out rather quickly (see Nintendo 3DS review).

Features We manhandled the living heck out of the Wii U controller and here's everything we found on it:

6.2-inch touchscreen (diagonal)
2 analog circle pads, D-Pad, A/B/X/Y buttons, ZL/ZR and L/R triggers, Home, Select/Start (Minus/Plus)
Volume slider
Mic and speakers
3.5 mm audio jack
A/C Power adapter port
HDMI and Wii Remote access port
IR port

Nintendo didn't provide any specific details on screen resolution, battery life/what type of battery, whether it's lithium polymer or what how far the range for the controller is, but that stuff should make it out into the news in due time.

Screen Seeing games on the screen on both the HDTV and the Wii U controller is truly amazing. Like the Nintendo DS, dual screens is coming to the home living room gaming system and it is fantastic. Again, although we don't know the screen resolution, games looked crisp and mostly sharp (at least Nintendo first-party games, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online looked awful) when beamed over.

Nintendo is stressing that the Wii U controller is not a portable, but it can be used to play Wii U games if your TV is occupied by someone else or if its switched off. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata promised no lag, but we're still skeptic. Most demo games in Nintendo's E3 booth did run buttery smooth, but we did see a few hiccups in frame rate in New Super Mario Bros. Mii.

Demo Games

Several games were demoed at Nintendo's booth and we got to play with a bunch of them. In Shield Pose, players had to move to a rhythm to block arrows fired from a pirate ship. Holding the Wii U controller to the left, to the right, above and in front of you to block it was sort of fun, but shaking the controller to rack up points was plain embarrassing, especially when you have various international media recording your every reactions!

New Super Mario Bros. Mii is basically the same game as the Wii's 2D platformer, but with HD visuals and of course, the inclusion your own playable Mii's, which in our opinion was kind of weird. We like the Miis, but seeing them in more Mario games (Mario Kart Wii was one of the first) is starting to feel like Nintendo's running out of fresh ideas.

Battle Mii was a nice game that actually felt like it was the best demo out of all of the games. The game has players riding in a space UFO and then tilting the Wii U controller left and right to control the camera and using both Circle Pads to glide the ship up and down. The R trigger shoots and the L trigger zooms in. Who do you shoot? Why other Miis through an obstacle-laden course, duh! It's fun, it's simple, and everything happens on the Wii U's screen. If Nintendo bundles Battle Mii with the Wii U, they'd have a hit.

Chase Mii and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online were also available to play. We missed out on Chase Mii, but Ghost Recon was very disappointing. Yeah, it was essentially running Xbox and PS3 assets, but the game looked terrible for a high definition came. The rendered map on the Wii U controller's screen was also jaggy as heck, leading us to the conclusion that the screen's pixel per inch density is not very high.

Conclusion Unfortunately, because the Wii U and its controller is still a prototype at this stage, Nintendo has yet to announce price, release dates or launch games. Frankly, it's not too hard to speculate that Nintendo will sell the console at a competitive price to lock heads with the PS3/Xbox 360.

On the other hand, the Wii U controller might be a little pricier seeing as it does have a 6.2-inch touchscreen, a couple of motion sensors and all the stuff a regular controller has. Buying two or more of these controllers could become costly real soon. Then again, the Wii U is totally compatible with Wii Remotes and Wii RemotePlus' so for all we know, most games might only require one Wii U controller.

Nonetheless, we came off very impressed with the Wii U controller and like all of the excited third-party publishers, we're psyched and can't wait to get our hands on one ourselves. We think Nintendo really is going to disrupt the PS3 and Xbox 360′s 10-year life cycle yet again. Throw in a few hardcore games like GTA, Call of Duty and Battlefield and the Wii U could come out on top just like the current Wii.
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The Wii U controller is real! Touchscreen and camera!

It seemed that the rumours are true after all. Totally unbelievable, Nintendo actually pull this off like a boss. The Wii U will have a controller with a 6.2-inch screen. It will be built into the controller for Nintendo's next-generation Wii U console.

It'll also feature a microphone, a gyroscope, an accelerometer, dual analog controls, two shoulder buttons and two triggers, a front-facing camera, a stylus, and oh yeah, did I say it's a touchscreen? Because it is!

Satoru Iwata was careful to forewarn that the Wii U's controller was “not designed to be a portable game machine,” even if it shares some characteristics with handhelds. You will, however, be able to game and video chat even without a TV. Screen resolution isn't given yet, but the display ratio is stated as 16:9, matching every other widescreen in your living room.

The Wii U is Nintendo's next generation console, sounds like police alarm!

Coming in 2012, Nintendo's next home console will deliver “deeper game experiences” that aim to offer “something for everyone.” And it'll be called the Wii U! A variety of new controls will be made available by that crazy new controller with a 6.2-inch touchscreen embedded in it. Most importantly, you'll no longer be tied to a TV to enjoy your home consoling action — the Wii U controller can handle your gaming session when the television is needed for other purposes, while a built-in front-facing cam will let you video chat from anywhere too.

Notably, you won't have to use the 6.2-inch behemoth if you don't want too — the Wii U will be compatible with all current-gen accessories and software. Yes, your expansive Wii collection will play on the U version of the console as well.

Batman: Arkham City, an Assassin's Creed game, Dirt, Ghost Recon Online, Tekken, Metro Last Light, Aliens Colonial Marines, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, and Darksiders II all got a mention as coming to the Wii U. Yes! EA's John Riccitiello just said the Wii U will deliver “brilliant HD graphics.” Finally, the Wii is going HD!

The Wii U will be able to deliver 1080p video over HDMI. It'll also be compatible with component, S-video and composite cables. There'll be “internal flash memory” of unspecified quantity, which will be expandable via either an SD card or external USB HDD. IBM is, as with the original Wii, once again responsible for providing the processor inside.

Four USB 2.0 slots are made available, while game media will be served up on “proprietary high-density optical discs.” There's also another, worthwhile, reminder that the Wii U will play Wii games and their optical discs without a problem.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XP500 Headphones For The Microsoft Xbox 360

The Turtle Beach XP500 headphones are designed specifically for the Xbox 360. These headphones deliver the ultimate gaming audio experience with a programmable digital signal processor, Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound, Bluetooth technology, and XBOX LIVE wireless chat, making it the most technologically advanced headset ever designed for the Xbox 360. The DSP allows gamers to enhance and personalize the entire gaming audio experience with fully customizable game, chat and mic signals. Additionally, you can also pair up the XP500 with other cell phones or smartphones, or with a compatible portable media player to stream your favorite music. If you are interested, you can purchase these high quality gaming headphones for $269.95. [Product Page]

Nintendo reveals its Next Gen Console at E3 with the Wii U and Wii U Controller

Scheduled to come in 2012, the Wii U is once again a huge surprise and comes with many innovations that will definitively make gamers want one. One of the many improvement compared to the first Wii, is its 1080p video capability as well as internal flash memory expandable via SD and external USB HDDs. But the coolest feature of all is its Wii U Control that comes with a 6.2-inch touchscreen with dual analog dual analog controls, two shoulder buttons and two triggers, a front-facing camera, gyroscope and accelerometer. Think this is cool? Well what do you think of it being capable of playing ALL your games directly from your Wii Remote when the TV is powered down or used by someone else? Yep, a bit like an Android or iOS tablet you will be able to play games directly on the Wii U Remote without the need of a TV and with for once real controllers.

Wii U redefines the structure of home entertainment by fundamentally changing how the TV, the game console and the Internet function and interact together”

Previously, video games played on a home console have been confined to the TV and offered identical viewpoints to each player in a multiplayer environment. Furthermore, watching TV and playing console games have been completely separate experiences. The new controller removes these boundaries, creating a more dynamic and fluid gaming and entertainment experience. Visitors to the E3 Expo will see firsthand the type of gaming experiences made possible by Wii U and the new controller such as:

In single-player games:

The new controller can display information on its screen that does not appear on the TV.

The information and viewpoint can also change in the new controller based on the orientation of its gyroscope.

In multiplayer games:

The player using the new controller can have a different experience than those looking at the TV. This will offer a wide variety of competitive and cooperative opportunities.

In addition to the 6.2-inch screen, the new controller also features an accelerometer and a gyroscope, a rumble feature, an inward-facing camera, a microphone and speakers. Adding these features to the Classic Controller™ button scheme - two analog Circle Pads, +Control Pad, A/B/X/Y buttons, L/R buttons and ZL/ZR buttons - will enable a breadth of game-play experiences while appealing to both casual and dedicated video game players.

Wii U combines motion-sensing game play with the ability to support full HD graphics. Each Wii U console will be partnered with a new controller and can also use up to four additional Wii Remote™ or Wii Remote Plus controllers. The system is also backward compatible and can play all Wii games and use all Wii accessories. The Wii console has sold more than 86 million units globally and greatly expanded the overall audience for video games. Wii U aims to expand that audience even further. Developers worldwide are already working on new games and experiences for the console.

“Wii U redefines the structure of home entertainment by fundamentally changing how the TV, the game console and the Internet function and interact together,” said Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. “The experience enabled by Wii U and the new controller takes players deeper into their games, while reaching out wider than ever before to be inviting to all kinds of gamers.”

Nintendo 3DS™, which lets users see 3D images without the need for special glasses, launched in the United States on March 27 and continues to evolve. Owners will find that their Nintendo 3DS experience is different every time they pick up the system, thanks to new content and updates delivered by Nintendo, by third parties and exchanged between users.

A new system update is now available for the Nintendo 3DS system. Users who connect to a wireless broadband Internet connection and install the system update will instantly gain access to the Nintendo eShop, which contains a variety of games and applications for download using a cash-based system.

Users can browse original 3D software, 3D Classics (select classic video games re-mastered in 3D), classic Game Boy™ and Game Boy Color games, and more than 350 games and applications currently offered for the Nintendo DSiWare™ service. Visitors can also see videos and screen shots for games, plus see how other players rank games.

The system update also provides Nintendo 3DS owners access to free items, including an Internet browser that can show 3D images on sites specifically designed to show 3D images, a download of a re-mastered 3D version of the NES™ classic Excitebike™ game (free until July 7) and Pokédex™ 3D, which lets users discover and view more than 150 Pokémon™ from the Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version games in visually engaging 3D.

Nintendo also announced a huge lineup of upcoming new and fan-favorite franchise games, many of which are playable on the E3 Expo show floor in booth 4922.

Nintendo 3DS: Super Mario™, Luigi's Mansion™ 2, Mario Kart™, Kid Icarus™: Uprising, The Legend of Zelda™: Ocarina of Time™ 3D, Star Fox 64™ 3D, Animal Crossing™, Paper Mario™, Picture Lives!, The Rolling Western™.

Wii: The Legend of Zelda™: Skyward Sword, Kirby™ Wii, Wii Play™: Motion, Mystery Case Files™: The Malgrave Incident™, Mario Party™ 9, Rhythm Heaven™ and Fortune Street™.

Nintendo DS™: Kirby™ Mass Attack, Professor Layton and the Last Specter™, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker™ 2 and Super Fossil Fighters™.

Nintendo kicked off its E3 Expo Presentation by announcing a number of initiatives to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda. A re-mastered 3D version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time launches for Nintendo 3DS on June 19, while Wii owners will see the arrival of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword in the 2011 holiday season. Additionally, Nintendo announced a tour of orchestral concerts featuring music from the beloved franchise. Additional commemorative activities will be announced at a later date.

For the duration of the E3 Expo, Nintendo will provide fans with exclusive videos and Nintendo content on the Nintendo Network. People can visit to watch developer interviews, get all the information about new games and see coverage coming directly from the show floor. The same exclusive content also will be streamed through the Nintendo® Channel to Wii owners who have a broadband Internet connection.
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Nintendo Wii U is powered by the same IBM chip designed for the Watson supercomputer

Nintendo's new console, the Wii U, was finally unveiled to the world at E3 2011. If you didn't know, IBM is the manufacturer for the new Wii U's chip in it, but details were scarce about the IBM silicon Nintendo's new HD powerhouse was packing. However, Engadget did some digging to get a little more info, and IBM has told them that within the Wii U there's a 45nm custom chip with “a lot” of embedded DRAM (shown above). It's a silicon on insulator design and packs the same processor technology found in Watson, the supercomputer that bested a couple of meatbags on Jeopardy awhile back. Unfortunately, IBM wouldn't give us the chip's clock speeds, but if it's good enough to smoke Ken Jennings on national TV, we imagine it'll do alright against its competition from Sony and Microsoft.

Sony's PlayStation Vita official: $249 for WiFi, $299 for 3G

Finally Sony's NGP goes official with a proper name, and it's called PS Vita! Sony's Kaz Hirai has unveiled the next generation handheld console from Sony at their E3 conference, with specific price.

The Sony PS Vita will cost $249 for the WiFi version, or $299 for the 3G model, which Sony's Kaz Hirai confirmed will be available exclusively through AT&T, with both models shipping worldwide toward the end of 2011. Prices are (Prices are 24,980 and 29,980 yen in Japan, euro 249 and euro 299 in Europe.)

The device, also offers six-axis motion sensors, dual analog controls (proper ones, with thumbsticks), front- and rear-facing cameras, an OLED touchscreen, and a touchpad on the back too.

The company showed off a number of top-tier titles, including Uncharted: Golden Abyss, a hack-and-slash RPG called Ruin, a new ModNation Racers, LittleBigPlanet, and Street Fighter x Tekken, each showing off plenty of motion and touch interactivity to make it really feel like the next generation in gaming. They're all looking quite good, and honestly a bit more advanced than what the 3DS has delivered so far — for the same money.

Sony introduces PlayStation-brand 3D monitor and 3D glasses

Sony PS3 has always been able to support 3D, but it was never fully utilized because many gamers don't see the relevant of getting a 3D monitor just to play games with 3D when the usual HDTV can work nicely. What's more there's the need for a 3D glass. But now there's good news. Sony's Jack Tretton has just announced that PS3 gamers can get into the 3D game for much less this fall when the company launches a 24-inch monitor and active shutter LCD glasses under the PlayStation brand.

$499 gets the monitor, a pair of glasses, an HDMI cable and a copy of Resistance, while additional pairs of glasses — which are compatible with TVs from other manufacturers and can be used to give two split-screen gamers their own full screen view — are $69. That's a competitive package to be sure, but many will likely still need to be convinced slipping on the specs is worthwhile, and competitors like Vizio are slipping passive 3D glasses TVs in with similar price points and similar features.

The 3D monitor is a 1080p edge LED lit LCD with two HDMI inputs, stereo speakers, an integrated subwoofer and claims to be the first display at this size with “quad speed frame sequential display technology”. The glasses charge via USB and will be available at the same time as the screen this fall.

Blizzard bringing Diablo 3 to the console?

There's no denying it now: Blizzard is getting ready to develop a PlayStation 3 version of Diablo 3, as a recent job listing is calling for a senior software engineer - a PlayStation 3 specialist specifically - to be a key contributor on the Diablo 3 development team. This clearly solidifies Blizzard's plan to bring the action/RPG franchise to the consoles even though the company claims that it's merely “investigating” that avenue.

News of the PS3 hiring follows a previous job listing for a console developer that appeared back in February. “Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a highly organized individual with outstanding communications and project management skills for the Diablo team,” the description read at the time. “The ideal candidate has prior experience in console game development and has a keen knowledge of how each discipline operates and interacts. Self-direction and follow-up skills are a must, as well as the ability to anticipate production issues and find effective solutions.”

The current Diablo 3 job listing is the first to address an actual console. “This position is responsible for overseeing PlayStation 3 (PS3) architecture design as well as other PS3-specific game code development to maximize platform performance,” the listing reads.

Job responsibilities include designing, implementing, and maintaining game systems to work on the PS3, being responsible for various systems including the game engine, audio, physics, tools pipeline, etc., and working closely with game design to “ensure a great player experience.” Interested applicants will need a minimum of 5 years game coding experience, at least 1 AAA title shipped for the PS3, experience in implementing systems to utilize the Cell CPU to the highest extent, in-depth knowledge of the PS3 architecture and APIs and more.

That said, there's definitely no denying that Diablo 3 will arrive on the PS3 console — perhaps even future Blizzard games as well (Titan). Question is, will Blizzard take Valve's route and insert components into the game so that PC and PS3 players can play together? And what of the Xbox 360? Is Microsoft's network restriction keeping this port from becoming a reality? Bet we'll find out either this week at E3 2011 (unlikely) or BlizzCon 2011 taking place later on this year (highly likely).

Sony PSVita, aka PSP 2, Unveiled

Hacking problems aside, Sony is gearing up in the next-gen handheld gaming device race with the introduction of the PSVita, known previously as the Playstation Portable 2. The gadget comes with six-axis motion sensors, dual analog controllers with thumbsticks, front- and rear-facing cameras, an OLED touchscreen, and a touchpad at the back.

Sony has also displayed a number of game titles, including Uncharted: Golden Abyss, LittleBigPlanet, and Street Fighter x Tekken.

This handheld gaming device also allows online play, although Sony has confirmed that the PSVita will be available exclusively through AT&T. The WiFi-only model would cost $249, while the 3G model would go for $299, with both models shipping worldwide in time for the holiday season of 2011.

Official Catan game coming soon to Android

The immensely popular Settlers of Catan is about to come to Android, with mobile developer Exozet Games putting together the first official Android version of Klaus Teuber's modern-day classic strategy board game.

Publisher USM say it'll arrive on Android in “June”. Which could mean later this afternoon or in another three weeks, WE JUST DON'T KNOW. But here's what it'll look like on Android. More images and the press release below:

Turns out you don't really need four screenshots of Catan to get the message across. Here's the announcement:

Catan for Android

The board game ‘Settlers of Catan' has a huge worldwide fan base and has been translated into 30 languages within its more

than 15 years of success. By now the digital versions of the game have also become bestsellers: The App ‘Catan' for

iPhone® as well as the iPad® version ‘Catan HD' are winning several hundreds of new users daily.

In June 2011 the first AndroidTM version of Klaus Teuber’s famous board game will be released.

Several Catanians will prove themselves worthy opponents: pirate Jean, with her no prisoners attitude; Sean the ruthless knight or Vincent the merchant, who’ll never be short-changed. True to the original game, up to four players can compete for the most settlements, the longest roads and the largest army via hot seat multiplayer mode on their android phones – anytime, anywhere.

A completely new art design, interchangeable tilesets and an optimized UI makes Catan shine in an even brighter light. The Seafarers expansion* offers a campaign as well as more than ten diverse scenarios, each of them with very different goals. The player can become harbormaster or discover new islands on the even bigger and more varied Catan world. Extra game elements, such as ships, gold fields, treasures, and pirates offer numerous new opportunities.

Catan for Android has been developed by Exozet Games in collaboration with Catan designer Klaus Teuber and published by USM – United Soft Media. The App will be available on the Android Market and other Android stores in June 2011. The game will be available in English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese.

The board game ‘Settlers of Catan' has a huge worldwide fan base and has been translated into 30 languages within its more than 15 years of success. By now the digital versions of the game have also become bestsellers: The App ‘Catan' for iPhone® as well as the iPad® version ‘Catan HD' are winning several hundreds of new users daily.
source: Eurodroid

Wireless Speed Wheel For Microsoft Xbox 360

Microsoft will release the Wireless Speed Wheel for the Xbox 360 console. This gaming controller is completely wireless and controlled intuitively with precise steering, standard controller buttons/triggers, and a haptic feedback. The Microsoft Wireless Speed Wheel will be released on September 26, 2011 for $59.99 a pop. [Major Nelson]

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier coming in first half of 2012, will support Kinect

As part of Microsoft's Kinect-centric extravaganza during the opening moments of its E3 2011 press conference, Ubisoft's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier was announced to include both gesture and voice recognition. A particularly neat demo saw a player navigating a weapon customization system using a wave of his arms, tearing apart guns and putting them back together, Minority Report-style. Players can also give commands in this menu — like “Randomize,” to automatically put a weapon together.

That's just the tip of the iceberg — the demo showed a virtual testing facility, in which players can fire at targets using only Kinect-detected gestures. It looked pretty smooth, though it's unclear if the control scheme will be available in the core game as well. The demo also included a promise: All future Tom Clancy games will include Kinect support.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said that Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is now scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2012 (the company's 2011-12 fiscal Q4). “We want first to assure the best quality possible,” Guillemot explained in a moment of déjà vu, “as well as to avoid the very crowded Christmas landscape in the shooter genre.”

On May 18, 2010, Guillemot had offered those exact same reasons about Future Soldier's readiness then, saying, “Due to a very competitive environment, we decided to move the game out of the Christmas [2010] quarter, and into the March [2011] quarter.” He added, “It will also provide additional time to our development teams to realize their vision.”

Forza 4 coming this October 11

Lots of games being announced today due to E3, and this time we have news for the racing sim for Xbox, Forza 4! Forza 4 will arrive at retailers on October 11, as announced during this morning's E3 2011 Microsoft press conference. A Turn 10 rep took to the stage to detail the game's new features, including a slew of community items and the Kinect functionality. Other than a new teaser, however, the most pertinent news was the game's planned October launch. Will this be able to take on GT5?

Nintendo's US server hacked

Looks like it isn't only Sony that's getting the bad rounds. The week of E3 is here, but while Sony and Microsoft held their press events today, Nintendo was busy with something else altogether. Nintendo this past weekend confirmed that it had been the victim of an attack targeting its U.S.-based servers. According to a company statement sent to Reuters, the attack did not affect any user information.

“The server contained no consumer information. The protection of our customer information is our utmost priority,” Nintendo of America said. “We constantly monitor our security.”

Lulzsec, the team of hackers behind the deluge of Sony hacks as of late, is supposedly the culprit, though the group said via its Twitter feed that it loves Nintendo and didn't mean any harm.

The group continued to show its support for the company with several more pro-Nintendo tweets:

Nintendo has yet to comment further on the matter. The company plans to show off the new iteration of its motion-sensing Wii console tomorrow. Dubbed the Wii 2, the device is said to be referred to as Project Café internally and will supposedly feature a controller with a touchscreen display.

Xbox getting Kinect-powered dashboard, coming this fall

Microsoft announced during its E3 2011 press conference that a brand new Kinect dashboard is headed to the Xbox 360. The Kinect will soon be able to control the entire Xbox experience using voice commands, with an onstage demo showing a user accessing games and music with simple voice commands. New content will be added, including support for YouTube and Bing, both of which allow search via voice commands. Live television will also be added. The "new Xbox experience" is scheduled to launch this fall.

Nintendo Wii-U: a Savior?

As soon as the PlayStation Move and Kinect came online, Nintendo was in trouble. The same type of fun was now available on much more powerful consoles with far better graphics. The Nintendo Wii-U (check out the hot details of the Wii-U) seems to be a good answer to this, for a couple of reasons. First, it seems powerful enough to run "hardcore" games like first-person shooters (Battlefield) or fighting games (Tekken). Secondly, its new controller will probably rally the core Nintendo fans, and reach further into the "casual gamer" + "family" crowd. On the paper, this looks good, but Nintendo absolutely needs to execute on these three critical points:

For a long time, Nintendo has been seen as the gaming system for kids and casual gamers. It worked great, and Nintendo has proven that it can be very successful without dominating hardcore gaming niches. In fact, it was mandatory because Nintendo had chosen to get out of the technology arms race that Microsoft and Sony were in. Typically, console makers lose money on the hardware, hoping to make money on the software licenses. Nintendo has taken the path of making money on both - and it worked beautifully. The downside of that strategy is that its Wii system is underpowered and unable to cater audiences who want action games with the latest eye-candy.

This is a situation that Nintendo can no longer sustain, and that explain why it has to come back and reach to every single audience. With the Wii-U and future systems, Nintendo is playing in the same Arena that everyone else again. This is a multi-year, or possibly a decade change.

Continue to innovate

The new controller, used as a sniper scope

Nintendo has always been an amazing company. They have often led the industry, and thanks to that creativity, they have built fantastic franchises that can compete in their own universe. Mario, Zelda and other Nintendo titles have enjoyed unrestricted fan love (and money). However, the Wii controller was their most recent break out.

The new Wii-U controller is innovative, not because of its technology (I bet it uses low-cost tablet components), but because of how it will be used in games, and how it is integrated with existing Nintendo products. To be fair, a lot of the ideas that the new Wii-U controller conveys have been seen left and right before. However, no-one had successfully brought things together like Nintendo seems to have done. I say "seems" because we won't know for sure until we try it for ourselves. Right now, the odds do look very good, but 2012 is still very far away....

Get partners

Nintendo needs action games that were previously not part of its eco-system

Nintendo needs to lure 3rd-party developers back because the company simply does not have the "hardcore gaming" franchises it needs. Titles like Modern Warfare, Crysis, Battlefield and many many more are must-haves if Nintendo wants to attract that crowd.

Most likely, many game companies will race to be among the first to launch with the Wii-U. This is always a "gold rush" when a new system launchers. When games are sparse, people tend to buy... well whatever is available, so it's hugely important to be there first.

Conclusion While Nintendo's move makes sense, it's not clear how well it will fare in today's gaming environment. On one hand, the user experience should be very good, but on the other hand, Nintendo doesn't take any technological leap, which raises questions about the viability of their solution in the longer-term, when the competition will unleash a new generation of ultra-powerful consoles.

At the moment, Nintendo sticks to its strategy of making money on absolutely everything it sells, and the company still enjoys a rich portfolio of unique and often, unmatched, franchises (like Zelda which celebrates its 25th anniversary). The new hardware will allow it to compete with Xbox 360 and PS3 on more equal terms, but is Wii-U a savior, or a stop-gap measure? It's too early to tell, but it will be very interesting to play with.
source: Ubergizmo

Wii U controller has a touchscreen, camera and more!

Is nothing a secret anymore? Unveiled at Nintendo's E3 press conference, the Wii U‘s controller will sport a 6.2-inch touchscreen that will provide “tablet-like” experiences, include a built-in camera, traditional controls and more.

It looks like the Nikkei hit it right on the mark didn't it? According to Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, the Wii U also includes two circle analog circle pads (like on the 3DS), a D-Pad, A/B/X/Y buttons, ZL/ZR, L/R triggers, a mic, speakers, accelerometer and a gyroscope.

The Wii Remote's Home, plus and minus buttons are also present on the Wii U controller. Read on to learn more about the new Wii U controller.

The first thing you'll notice about the Wii U controller is its touchscreen. A Nintendo demo reel showed a player drawing and coloring a picture of Link with a stylus. From the looks of it, the tablet appears to be almost as precise as a Wacom tablet, although we'll reserve judgment on that when we get some hands-on time with the controller.

The second most important thing you'll notice about the controller is that video can be beamed directly between the TV and vice versa. According to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, “data is wirelessly transmitted without latency issues.” History has proven that there is always a lag when wirelessly beaming lots of data; we'll see whether or not Nintendo really has found the secret sauce to solving that problem or not.

Like the Wii Remote, the Wii U controller opens up a whole world of possibilities to designing new game experiences, outside of simply making everything shinier and prettier. With the Wii U, Nintendo is attempting to create “wider” and “deeper” game experiences that competitors like the PS3 and Xbox 360 can't do.

And just like the Wii Remote, the Wii U controller will have motion controls built right in. In a brief demo, we saw an HD version of Wii Sports baseball where one player pitches and catches a ball with a virtual mitt displayed on the touchscreen. In another demo, the Wii U controller was placed on the floor and a Wii Remote was used to shoot a golf ball off it tee and shoot slide shurikens from the controller to targets on screen.

As we previously mentioned, the Wii U controller sounds a lot like a portable gaming system, right? Wrong. Satoru Iwata says that the Wii U controller was “not designed to be a portable gaming system.” Although the device allows players to game on it while the TV is playing a regular channel, the Wii U controller is not a new portable. Think of it like an tablet, but one that stays indoors all the time.

Excited for the Wii U controller? EA games, Irrational Games' Ken Levine and many more are excited just as well. With EA's pledge for Battlefield and Madden experiences unlike what we've ever seen before, it seems like a safe bet that the Wii U could expand the market yet again. Everybody loves new experiences, just go ask Microsoft and its Kinect.
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Nintendo's next console is called the Wii U

Rumored for years, hyped for months, the “Wii U” is exactly what everybody expected: a high-definition Wii. It's name, however was not (so much for that Beam/Stream/Nintendo name). Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime says the Wii U is unique, utopian and it's “tailor made for “you.”

While Nintendo didn't unveil the actual hardware unit (you could see a glimpse of it in demo video showing off the controller), the console does appear to have support from a wide array of developers, including big names like EA, Namco, Sega and Ubisoft, Nintendo's planning to “revolutionize” our notion of gaming once again.

Here's a list of games announced at E3 for Nintendo's new console (keep in mind that title names are not final and that changes can always be made):

Alien's Colonial Marines
Assassin's Creed
Batman Arkham City
Dark Siders II (launch title)
Lego City Games
Metro Last Light
Ninja Gaiden 3
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online

From the feedback we're getting from the audience, it looks like Nintendo is poised to disrupt the PS3 and Xbox 360′s 10-year life cycle with the Wii U. At long last, Nintendo joins the HD console race, but is it too late or just in time?
source: Ubergizmo

Sony PlayStation Vita To Available Thru AT&T

AT&T has confirmed that they will become the US carrier to exclusive offer the 3G-enables Sony PlayStation Vita a.k.a PSP2 NGP previously, where it should be available starting the end of 2011 together with the WiFi-only model. Regarding features, the PS Vita will come out with a 5-inch OLED touchscreen display with 960 x 544 pixels, front and rear cameras, a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, GPS, Bluetooth aside from the 3G and WiFi. No idea on how much the PS Vita will cost at the carrier as they also will offer data plan, but according to SCE ( Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. ) the Wi-Fi model will be priced at 24,980 yen (including tax) in Japan, $249 in US and €249 in Europe, while the 3G/Wi-Fi model will be available for 29,980 yen (including tax) in Japan, $299 in US and €299 in Europe. [ Via SCEI ]

Razer Star Wars: The Old Republic Gaming Mouse

Razer intends to continue their domination in the world of gaming peripherals with the Star Wars: The Old Republic Gaming Mouse, where it will boast wireless connectivity that is coupled with a fully programmable twelve button MMO thumb-grid that will let you access more skills at your fingertips than you originally thought you were capable of – making your opponents wonder whether they are really going up against an actual Jedi or not, sicne they are using an ordinary piece of hardware instead.

Not only that, the Razer Star Wars: The Old Republic Gaming Mouse will also be accompanied by interchangeable faction symbols as well as multi-color lighting for you to look stylish while you boss yourself in the online realm. Of course, if your in-game performance does not improve despite the improved hardware, you know that you have more or less reached the treshold of your skill level, and being a pro-gramer might be an occupation that is more suitable for someone else.

The wireless Razer Star Wars: The Old Republic Gaming Mouse will also feature a charging dock that doubles up as a wireless receiver unit, and will sport a 5600dpi Razer precision 3.5G laser sensor as well as 1000Hz Ultrapolling/1ms response time, retailing for $129.99 when it arrives later on.
source: Ubergizmo

Razer Star Wars: The Old Republic Gaming Keyboard

Razer is a name synonymous with gaming peripherals, where they have come up with special editions of mice and keyboards in the past – the most recent one in memory would be in conjunction with Star Craft II, but this time around Razer has worked with Lucasarts to release the Star Wars: The Old Republic Gaming Keyboard that will feature a full-color highly sensitive multi-touch LCD panel, while incorporating ten adaptive tactile keys that delivers more room for easily accessible skills, hotkeys, and macros. Not only that, you will also be able to convert the whole keyboard from alpha-numeric to Aurebesh!

With interchangeable gold backlit faction symbols that allow you to share an unspoken view of your allegiance with either the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire, this is the perfect tool when it comes to intergalactic domination, apart from clever use of the Force, of course.

The touch-sensitive LCD track-panel paves the way for better control and efficient skills management, while gold backlit keys with slim key caps will ensure faster actuation and a shorter travel distance. You will also be able to adjust the multi-color LED (with a choice of 16 million colors) for that added touch of customization, and with a 7-foot long USB cable, this keyboard has plenty of length to fall back on if your gaming area is huge. It will cost you $199.99 if you are interested.
source: Ubergizmo

Nyko Reveals Gear for Nearsighted Kinect and Longer-Lasting Nintendo 3DS

Gaming gear maker Nyko unveils an array of helpful accessories for your gaming devices at this year's E3. First of the bunch is the Zoom for Kinect, a clip-on spectacles that is set right in front of Kinect's sensor bar, allowing you to get 40 percent closer to the device with no loss of function. This makes motion gaming with Kinect a whole lot of fun even in smaller spaces.

Meanwhile, the Nyko Play Clock (pictured, left) is a charging dock for Nintendo 3DS that also functions as an alarm clock. Why you ask? Perhaps someone out there would rather use his 3DS as an wakee-upper rather than the iPhone, the iPod, or let alone an actual alarm clock.

Finally, Nyko rolls out not one, but three new extended battery packs for the Nintendo 3DS for longer battery life. The Shock n' Rock brings triple battery life, vibration feedback, and four speakers. The Power Grip is an external battery that not only triples the battery life, but is also ergonomic to handle. And the Game Boost (pictured, right) is a simple snap-on accessory, giving your 3DS an extra hour or two of gameplay.

All of these accessories still have mysterious prices and availability dates, so you better keep an eye here for more updates.

We'll be live from Nintendo's E3 2011 keynote at 9AM PT / 12PM ET!

Let's just be honest… Microsoft and Sony's keynotes this year weren't earth-shakers, but that's expected as both companies are sticking to their current console paths. Nintendo, however, is going to introduce the company's next-generation console, Project Cafe, the Wii 2, Wii HD, Nintendo Feel - whatever it's called, it's rumored to be pretty serious complete with touchscreen controllers and more powerful than Microsoft and Sony's gaming consoles. Tune in around 8:30 a.m. PT / 11:30 a.m. ET for our live coverage of the event!
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

PS Vita will almost certainly be the NGP's new name

Sony's official PlayStation press conference happens later today and it's going to be a heck of a show, with more concrete info on the NGP expected to be announced and a heavy dose of PS3 gaming to soothe burned PlayStation Network gamers.

Over the last week or so, we've been hearing a lot of news regarding the NGP's new name “PS Vita” – with Vita meaning “life” in Latin. Now, there's even more evidence that suggests PS Vita is the final name: trademark filings. Sony's filing of “PS Vita” trademarks in Europe is substantial proof that the moniker is here to stay. While, most people are bashing it for sounding like vitamin, I kind of like it.

The only way to know for sure what is what with the NGP is to stay tuned to Ubergizmo at throughout the day as we report back on everything happening at the Sony E3 press conference!
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Full list of new Kinect-enabled games for Xbox 360

Microsoft’s E3 Xbox 360 press conference was a huge showcase for Kinect - the motion control camera sensor that launched last Novemeber. Aside from including full support for Xbox Live services via voice control, what gamers care about most are the games. What new games does Kinect support? Here’s the full list:

Dance Central 2
Kinect: Disneyland Adventures
Fable: The Journey
Forza 4
Kinect Sports: Season Two
Kinect Star Wars
Mass Effect 3
Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

What do you think? Any of these Kinect games sound like your cup of tea? Did we miss a game? Drop us a comment and we'll add the game to the list! PS: we were LIVE at the E3 Microsoft Xbox Press conference. Don't miss upcoming live blogging events at
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Fun Labs takes Kinect to the next level with new features

Kinect's “father” Kudo Tsunoda unveiled a new “permanent” feature to Xbox Live: Fun Labs. What exactly is Fun Labs? Tsunoda says that it's a sandbox for players to toy with new Kinect experiences, developed by seasoned and independent developers. Here's what Fun Labs will include:

Kinect Me: Sure, you can spend hours making your own custom Avatar, but why waste time doing that when you can let Kinect's camera scan you and instantly make one for you? It's kind of like the Nintendo 3DS' Mii Maker. From the demo we saw, Avatars were created within seconds!

Kinect Sparkler: A demo for a “Sparkler” was shown off that allows you to draw in 3D, in front and behind an on-screen character. It's a fun little gimmick, but pretty neat.

Kinect Googly Eyes: Scan items to create digital versions of them in your favorite games. Microsoft scanned a plush doll and within seconds, a digital model was created on-screen. Possibilities include scanning a car to race in your favorite racing game, a snowboard in your extreme sports game and more! First promised at Kinect's unveil (back when it was known as Project Natal), scanning items is finally here!

When can you get a go at Kinect Fun Labs? It goes live today on Xbox Live. Have fun!
source: Ubergizmo

Nintendo Wii successor might just be known as Nintendo

While Apple's WWDC 2011 keynote will most probably take up most of the attention of journalists everywhere, that does not mean the whole world would stop for Cupertino – no sir, other companies, too, have their own agenda that they would like to push their products out to the market. Nintendo is not going to let something called WWDC be a wet blanket, as they promised that their next generation console will debut at E3. While many people might think that it will be nothing other than the Wii 2, Nintendo has an even better idea – it will just be called, “Nintendo”.

Yup, you read that right – there is no need for a Wii HD or Wii 2, but plain old Nintendo will do just fine. After all, the world has always loved going back to basics, ranging from music to fashion, so why not naming conventions as well?

You can then use “Nintendo” as a verb or as a noun – are you going to Nintendo tonight, or do you want to Nintendo?
source: Ubergizmo

Nintendo 3DS eShop launching tonight!

The long awaited eShop for the 3DS will be launching on the evening of June 6th! 3DS owners might have noticed a SpotPass notification update on your 3DS mentioning the update.

The eShop will function similar to the stores on the Wii and DSi consoles. At launch it will only offer more than 350 DSi games and 5 new software – three vintage 1989 games from the black-and-white Game Boy library, a 3-D enhanced version of the classic 8-bit game Excitebike and an interactive Pokémon strategy guide.

The new update will also offer an internet browser for the 3DS.

eShop games will start at $1.99 each. Top titles like Super Mario Land will cost $3.99, and Alleyway and Radar Mission will cost $2.99.

Let's hope that Nintendo will come out with more 3D inspired eShop games instead of just emulating classic games on the 3DS.
source: The Gadgeteer

Officially Official! The NGP is now the PlayStation Vita!

Our dearest friend and Colleague Cyril DREVET who's attending this year E3 for us just called us to announce that from now on you will have to call the NGP PS VITA!

We have seen the name PS VITA floating around for a week now so it's not really a huge surprise here, but still I am quite disappointed by this name and it does not really carry the "Magic" being the very secretive NGP (Next Generation Portable) Name!

As far as the price are concerned you should expect the following

24,980 Yen or 249 USD or 249€ for the WiFi version of the PlayStation Vita

29,980 Yen or 299 USD or 2299€ for the 3G and WiFi version of the PlayStation Vita

Specs are as follow :

Official Name : PCH-1000

CPU : ARM Cortex-A9 (4Core)

GPU : SGX543MP4+

Size : 182×18.6×83.5mm

Display : 5″ (16:9) multitouch capacitive EL Screen with a 960×544 resolution

Back Panel : multitouch

Camera : Front camera, Rear camera Frame rate : 120fps@320×240(QVGA), 60fps@640×480(VGA)

Resolution : Up to 640×480(VGA)

Sensors : Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer), Three-axis electronic compass

Location : Built-in GPS (3G/Wi-Fi model only) Wi-Fi location service support

Wireless communications : Mobile network connectivity (3G/Wi-Fi model only) IEEE 802.11b/g/n (n = 1×1)(Wi-Fi) (Infrastructure mode/Ad-hoc mode) Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR (A2DP/AVRCP/HSP)

PS Vita incorporates a beautiful 5-inch multi-touch organic light emitting diode (OLED) as the front display and a unique multi-touch pad on the rear. Together with the front touch screen and the rear touch pad, PS Vita offers new game play experiences never before seen on any device, allowing users to interact directly with games in three dimension-like motion, through "touch, grab, trace, push and pull" finger motions. Also PS Vita features two analog sticks which enable a wider range of game genres to be brought into the portable experience, such as shooters, action games, and fighting games. Exciting and attractive new titles*1 are scheduled to be released from SCE Worldwide Studios, including "GRAVITY DAZE", “Uncharted Golden Abyss”, “Little Deviants”, “Hot Shots Golf”, “Reality Fighter”, “Hustle Kings”, “ModNation Racers”, “Wipeout 2048″ and “Super Stardust Delta,” as well as from a broad range of third party game developers and publishers, which will deliver value only possible on PS Vita.

Also, by having both Wi-Fi and 3G network connectivity, together with various applications, PS Vita will enable infinite possibilities for users to "encounter," "connect," "discover," "share" and "play" with friends wherever they are. On January 27, 2011, SCE announced the first PS Vita application, "near", which will come pre-installed. It will let users discover what games PS Vita users in the vicinity are or were recently playing, as well as let users share their game information. “near” also enables location-based gaming features such as “gifting,” in which a user can access virtual game-related items that other users are sharing, through checking in at geographic locations that others have also visited. The virtual items can include content unlocked from games, such as character costumes, weapons, and treasures. Sharing these items between users adds a unique dimension to the portable gaming experience on PS Vita while enhancing the social connectivity among the PS Vita community.

Additionally, PS Vita will come pre-installed with a newly developed application called "Party." "Party" is an innovative application for a portable entertainment system which enables users to enjoy voice chat or text chat not only during online gaming, but also when users are playing different games or using different applications such as internet browser. Through "Party", which offers a new form of social networking, and "near", which enables users to share their game information with other users anywhere, anytime, users can dramatically expand the boundaries of interactive communication.

Also a tutorial application called "Welcome Park," developed specifically to guide every user about PS Vita's brand new user interface such as the front touch display and the multi-touch pad on the rear, will come pre-installed. By playing "Welcome Park", users can easily become accustomed to the three dimension-like finger motions used on PS Vita.

SCE will vigorously promote PS Vita towards the launch as the next generation portable entertainment platform and work towards expanding the portable gaming market.*1 Some title names are tentative. Titles may differ by countries and regions.
source: Akihabara News

Full list of PS Vita games revealed

Sony just blew the lid off of everything PS Vita, including info on pricing and release time. Over 80 developers are working on PS Vita games. Here are all the major games you'll be playing on your shiny new quad-core gaming beast with a 5-inch OLED screen:

Bioshock NGP (tentative name)
Dust 514
LittleBigPlanet (tentative name)
ModNation Racers
Ruin (tentative name)
Super Street Fighter x Tekken
Uncharted: Golden Abyss
WipEOut 2048

Which game(s) on this list are you most excited for? Tell us in the comments below.
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What's new with the PlayStation Move

It's been a while since we heard from the PlayStation Move, other than the fact that Sony is heavily pushing forward with its Sharp Shooter attachment to promote games like SOCOM 4 and Killzone 3. Kobe Bryant was on stage to show off NBA On the Move, where players are controlled with the Move controller. Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest showed off its motion controls that acted as a replacement for an item inventory system and more.

Here's a full rundown of all the games Sony just announced that will support the PlayStation Move:

Bioshock Infinite
Dust 514
LittleBigPlanet 2
Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest
NBA On the Move
source: Ubergizmo

PlayStation Vita Preview

So Sony totally blew everyone's minds with the PS Vita (formerly known as the NGP) at its E3 press conference today (catch up over at the We know that the system will sell for $250 (Wi-Fi only model) and for $300 (3G + Wi-Fi) and it'll be available this “holiday season.” We also know that there are over 80 developers are working at games for the newest PlayStation system, but we know what you're really thinking: that thing looks huge. Naturally, you want to know how the PS Vita feels.

Ubergizmo went hands-on with the PS Vita, demoing five games, including Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Virtua Tennis 4, LittleBigPlanet, Little Deviants and Sound Shapes and we came back with our conclusions on not only how the new touchscreen and rear touch pad work, but also how the “bulky” handheld feels in our hands. Read on for our quick preview.

Design and Weight

Surprisingly, despite the PS Vita's large 5-inch OLED screen, the device is extremely light. We left our first-gen PSP back at home, but we can say, we felt a considerable difference in weight. We've concluded that the lack of an optical drive (UMD) could have significantly decreased the weight, but we also want to caution that these devices were hooked up to power adapters, meaning they most likely lacked the hefty battery that will be included in final retail units.

Overall, the analog sticks feel good – they're not too large, the standard PlayStation action buttons are small (tinier than the regular PSP, but about the same size as the PSP Go), but have just enough stiffness to them to not feel like they'll wear out too quickly and the plastic shoulder triggers are also snappy. The oval curves on the left and right side hug your hands and the PlayStation, Select and Start buttons are all easily accessible.

If there's any concern on the PS Vita's size, toss those worries out the window. The PS Vita is a device that you'll want to put in your bag for trips. It just feels that good, even though it's kind of large.

Touchscreen and Rear Touch Pad

As you know the PS Vita has a touchscreen on the front and a touch pad on the back. In Uncharted: Golden Abyss, we were able to use the touchscreen to direct Nathan to climb rocky cliffs and in Little Deviants, we played a demo that had us whacking moles with the rear touch pad. Inputting various swipes in Virtua Tennis 4 was a bit confusing (you really don't know what elements you can and can't touch) and felt gimmicky, while building levels in Sound Shapes felt more like an iPhone or Android game (graphics included).

While the touchscreen felt solid, it didn't feel as pin-point accurate as say an iPhone or Nexus smartphone, it was still very good.

Pricing and Release

With the $250 Wi-Fi model, it's clear that Sony is gunning after Nintendo's 3DS, which also retails for $250. And with a much larger and higher resolution screen, dual cameras, dual analog sticks, dual touch surfaces, the NGP is going to have a lot of pros, rather than cons when put up against the 3DS.

Sony didn't reveal pricing on individual games at E3, so that's still one piece of the puzzle that's missing. We think anything more than $40 is going to keep gamers away, but Sony appears to have learned a lot from the PSP's ups and downs.

Conclusion We think we're sold on the PS Vita on its price, features and the games we saw unveiled, but of course there are also other functions that can destroy our confidence in the system: namely battery life and cost per game. We love the option of 3G, but journalists who use iPhones on AT&T's network, we can't exactly say we love the network. Again, the PS Vita is launching this “holiday season.” Specifically what month and what date, we don't know, but we do know it'll be extremely competitive to the 3DS price point – and we like that a lot.
source: Ubergizmo

Mad Catz Xbox 360 TRITTON headsets introduced

Mad Catz has previously mentioned that they were the official wireless headset manufacturers for the Microsoft Xbox 360, but no details about the headsets were revealed. Well now they have unveiled to the world what those exclusive headsets will be. Mad Catz has officially announced the new TRITTON Warhead, TRITTON Devastator and TRITTON Detonator that will all ship out in time for the holiday 2011 season.

The TRITTON Warhead is expected to be the world's first 7.1 Dolby Wireless surround sound headset for the Xbox 360. Making use of 5.8GHz Wireless Technology to receive sound directly from the Xbox 360 console, it doesn't even have a cable to the controller. It features 7.1 sound for the ultimate immersive audio experience, 50mm Neodymium Drivers for precision tuned and balanced speakers, two hot-swappable battery packs that can be changed on the fly to bring minimal interruption to your gaming, Selective Voice Monitoring (so gamers can choose whether they want to hear their own voice), Audio Control - independent voice and game volume controls with mic and game mute, built in EQ, padded adjustable headband and plush around-the-ear earcups that provide a comfortable gaming experience for those long gaming sessions, and support for both analog and digital audio connections as well as a digital audio adapter for use with HDMI installations.

The TRITTON Devastator will be similar to the Warhead, except that it is powered by two AA alkaline batteries instead of hot-swappable battery packs.

The TRITTON Detonator is a wired headset with all the features of the Warhead minus the 7.1 surround, and built-in EQ. But where it lacks in those departments, the headset does make up for it in versatility - when not in use with the Xbox 360, it can function as a regular headset for your MP3 player or even as a regular headset/microphone on your computer for your VOIP chats and video calls.

No prices have been announced, but you can find out more about the new Mad Catz TRITTON headsets at Mad Catz's official website.
source: Ubergizmo

Official Microsoft Xbox 360 steering wheel goes wireless

You don't need a fortune teller to tell you that wires are slowly but surely becoming extinct in today's modern world. And today, Microsoft has just announced that its official Xbox 360 steering wheel is going to cut the cord as well. Redmond's upcoming official steering wheel controller that was introduced today is devoid of any wires to provide gamers with a wireless racing experience.

Designed to play upcoming racing titles like Forza 4, the new 360 steering wheel will let gamers drive their favorite cars from across the living room - without the hassles of a cable stretched across the floor, causing potential tripping accidents. It will work with all existing driving games, though it was mentioned that with some titles there will be limited functionality. The wireless Xbox 360 steering wheel will also feature haptic feedback and rumble for a more sensory-filled racing experience.

Expect it to hit the stores this October with a price tag of $60. Anybody keen on picking up one of these when it drops?
source: Ubergizmo

DICE shows off FrostBite 2 engine for Battlefield 3 at E3, declares war on October 25

The massive E3 event is still going on, and DICE, the developer for the upcoming epic point-and-shoot war game Battlefield 3, is showing off the new FrostBite engine used to develop the game. Battlefield 3 will open hostilities on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on October 25. EA also announced today that the game's beta will launch in September. Remember that you get a VIP pass into that if you picked up last year's Medal of Honor.

Sony sells 70 million PSP units worldwide

Sony's PlayStation Vita, you know, the NGP, is obviously the company's handheld of tomorrow that Sony is hoping on to push the momentum forward (after the huge setback on the PSN attack, and many others). Of course, let's not forget the PlayStation Portable that's being credited with the assist.

The PSP has been a flagship device for Sony since December 12, 2004, and during its time on the market, a grand total of 70 million have been moved globally. That's the number belted out at E3 by Sony, which sounds downright ginormous at first listen.

Unfortunately, that's nowhere near the 100 million DS units that Nintendo had shipped… back in 2009. It's worth mentioning that this tally includes the original PSP-1000, the slimmer / lighter PSP-2000, the not-too-different PSP-3000 and the critically panned PSP go, and we're guessing the Vita will eventually be lumped in here as well at some point. Now, what's Mario have to say about this?

PS Vita will cost $250/$300 and comes out this holiday season

The PS Vita (vee-tah!) was announced in January, and although we knew most of the devices specs, Sony didn't announce any pricing or release dates. Today at Sony's E3 press conference, Sony let loose all of that info. According to Sony Bend, they've been working on PS Vita hardware for over two years!

There were reports that the PS Vita would suffer a delay due to the earthquake in Japan, but Sony's official stance is that there is no delay – it will come out this holiday season!

Before we go into all the details, on Vita's pricing and release, Sony announced a few prominent features: voice chat and Near. Gamers will be able to voice chat any time with a headset and Near will let them discover new gamers/what other gamers are players are playing and compare Trophies.


Wi-Fi: $249.99

3G + Wi-Fi: $299.99. AT&T is the exclusive U.S. carrier. Customers who have an AT&T data plan will also have access to over 24,000 Wi-Fi hotspots.

Release: Holiday 2011.

Now that we know how much the newest member of the PlayStation family will cost and when we can all get our hands on one, will you be in line to get yours on day one? Does it still seem too large? Are you excited for the dual analog sticks and rear touchpad? What about the dual cameras for AR gaming? Let us know what you love about the PS Vita in the comments section below.
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Sony unveils new PlayStation-branded 3D TV

For $499, Sony's planning to broaden the 3D market with its own 24-inch 3D TV. The entire bundle will come with the 3D TV, one pair of 3D glasses, a copy of Resistance 3 and a six foot long HDMI cable. Sony says the 3D TV is perfect for college dorms. But, that's not what's special about the PlayStation 3D TV?

Well, for one thing, aside from doing three dee, two player 3D does not force gamers into split-screen mode. Player 1 will see his screen with his 3D glasses on and player 2 will see his screen through his 3D glasses. Player 1 can't see player 2 and vice versa. How cool is that?
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Sony's Jack Tretton addresses the PSN outage

The last month and half have been a real test for Sony. First Sony's PlayStation Network was the victim of an attack that compromised thousands of customer information and now it's services are getting hacked left and right. Despite nearly one month downtime, Sony made good on its promise of offering a nice Welcome Back package to keep gamers satisfied.

Sony's Jack Tretton personally took to the stage to address the PSN outage. He thanked publishers, retails and gamers for their continued support. In fact Tretton says sales for the PlayStation brand are actually.

Network levels are currently 90% since before the outage. Tretton says that Sony is making sure that the network stays up.

Instead of downplaying the security, Tretton lauded PSN's services, including Netflix, Vudu and PS Home. Cinema Now will be added later this year. Sony continues to expand PSN's experiences – and it's all free.
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Sony's big PS3 games unveiled at E3

We can go on and on about the PlayStation 3 and its hardware prowess, it’s potential to add new features and functions through firmware updates, but ultimately, it’s the games that will make and break the system and Sony delivered big time at its E3 press conference. What will you be looking forward to playing this year?

For some reason, this year seems to be the year of “3″ for many familiar franchises. Here’s the list of PS3 games you’ll want:

Battlefield 3 (PS3 copy comes with free copy of Battlefield 1943)
Bioshock Infinite (PS3 copy comes with free copy of original Bioshock / PS Move)
Dust 514 (PS Move)
God of War: Orgins Collection (3D)
Ico & Shadow of the Collossus Collection (3D)
Medieval Moves: Deadmun's Quest
NBA On the Move (PS Move)
Need for Speed: The Run
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One (3D)
Resistance 3 (3D)
Saints Row: The Third
Sly Cooper Thieves in Time
Star Trek
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (3D / PS Move)
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Need for Speed: The Run lets you run on two legs and four tires

As you can see above, Need for Speed: The Run is about more than just driving cars across the United States as fast as possible. Apparently, it's also about hopping out of your car and running like hell while all sorts of madness chases after you.

During EA's E3 2011 presser, a controller-laden developer took the reins and, well, ran as fast as possible, eventually leaping from a building as a helicopter fired on him. He then snagged a cop car and took off as the helicopter continued after him, all the while dropping bullets by the boatload. So yes, you'll totally be able to run around on two feet in Need for Speed: The Run, as well as spin out on four tires. Sounds familiar doesn't it? Yes... I'm hearing a "GTA" somewhere around... let's hope there's no prostitute in this game.