Thursday, July 5, 2012

Microsoft Acquires Xbox8 Domains, Sparks Another Saga Of Speculations!

Microsoft Acquires Xbox8 Domains, Sparks Another Saga Of Speculations!
Earlier reports have divulged interesting names for the Xbox 360 successor where a leaked document confirmed rumors that the next generation Xbox console will be called Xbox Durango.

Besides, Microsoft has also allegedly secured,,, and Furthermore, it is still in the process of acquiring,, and

Ever since the beginning of such rumors, we have also been luxuriously hearing that Xbox 720 will be the replacement for the current generation Xbox, Microsoft's recent interests in and many such domains that suffice to spark another saga or speculations before Microsoft publicly institutes the product.

Xbox 720 would sound a perfect name for an Xbox 360 successor as it doubles the metrics in the moniker suggesting the beingness of an improved and advanced device behind the name.

Seemingly, Microsoft is trying to harmonize the names of its various platforms to its contemporary trend which, considering the upcoming release of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 operating systems (both sporting rationally similar user interface design and functionality), it would make sense for Microsoft to label the next generation Xbox console as Xbox 8.

This is also supportive of the fact that Microsoft recent roll out of an Xbox 360 dashboard update brought the likes of Windows 8 Metro UI to the Xbox. Perhaps, another few updates and the Xbox 8 might be completely standardized to look and feel like Windows 8 OS.

The reports actually originated courtesy of a firm handling international domain disputes with the National Arbitration Forum so it might be well the only fact that it is just a domain-name grab by Microsoft and nothing more in an interest to preserve its brand name and integrity from potential mis(use) by parties other than Microsoft itself.

It could also be possible that Microsoft is preparing the table for what they have been secretly cooking in their ovens. Since there are no technical details at disposal other than understandable facts that Xbox 8 features much faster processor (rumored to be about 6 times faster than Xbox 360), enhanced gaming graphics and even better game titles, there is nothing much which can be said about future Xbox console.

We will keep you posted as more details surface. Stay tuned!


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